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  1. From the Tipline:
    > How can you be so sure about your claim? How do you know about this claimed affair for a fact? You know that Samoa is full of gossip. That’s not proof though is it?

    Samoa is not only full of gossip, it is also full of immorality too, but OK, you asked . . .
    I lived seven years in Samoa. I watched with my own eyes. I am also an adult; a thinker; a private investigator and I never give up seeking the truth – ever. Sonya is ALWAYS the last person out of the PM’s office no matter how many people are in the meeting and sometimes a LONG time later. Hundreds of people have observed this over the years. I watched the body language between the two of them in person and as I said, I’m an adult. I spent years quizzing locals about the matter, sometimes openly, other times circumspectly and I learned A LOT! Then, long after I had found the truth, I interviewed someone who was there in person when (in 2008) the PM’s secretary accidentally observed sexual intercourse between Tuila’epa and Sonja Hunter on the floor of his 5th floor office. They had forgotten to lock the door and she was (in the words of the person I interviewed) “beside herself” when she emerged and needed consoling. And yes, if required I can and will subpoena that VERY credible witness if I ever have to. Your PM is not only a coward, and a crook . . . he is also immoral and a disgrace to your country and Christianity the world over. Now you know. Thanks for asking. I’m not responsible for your shame because I don’t vote but I bet you did. Get smarter, please!

  2. What we have skanks running our beautiful motherland
    PM and his whore need to be dismissed GET RIDD OF THEM

    • I disagree. The system would simply replace them with others of the same ilk. What Samoa needs is to return to the Word of God, start listening and doing what He wants and abhor ALL idolatry, especially when it puts Samoan values & interests ahead of His. Do you vote Joanna? Then you are a part of the problem. Do you believe in democracy? Or Fa’a Samoa or even Samoan culture ahead of Him? Again, if you do, then you empower those skilled at playing the system to your disadvantage. A word of warning though, any Samoan who does stand up for truth will be fighting the powers behind Tui & Sonja. I did. I know! Thank for commenting here.

      • Returning back to the word of God? Unlikely to happen under Stuis leadership. New leadership with new vision for the Samoan people. New leadership whom will govern with the people of Samoa’s best interest. New leadership whom will support the people of Samoa. I could go on but as long as Stui continues to be PM and I must say that he only got to that position through bribing and blackmailing the people of Samoa. He has no morals. I am praying and hoping that the next election that SSIG succeed. People of Samoa are now seeing Stui and his HRPP are doing frankly have had enough of their greed as well as lack of care for the people of Samoa. Stui and his HRPP need to go! Full support for SSIG to win the next election!

        • Thank you for commenting here Carmel. Many don’t bother to put pen to paper so it is nice that you have. In terms of your analysis and hopes for political leadership change I disagree with your take. First, I cannot see anyone or anything unsettling the current party and leadership from their grip on power. Tuila’epa as you have rightly noted gained and retained power through political means. Nothing has or will change that I can see. He is it and will remain in power as long as he wants it. It is the system that gives him the opportunity to have that power and your people participate because they believe in the system. I think what is far more important is your idolatry toward democracy. A vote is a prayer. Mankind choosing a human leader by way of democracy simply endorses and then reinforces an ungodly system. This is the method by which your leader has gained his power over you/your people. Democracy runs counter to the Lord’s design and instruction. I have blogged about this extensively and in relation to Samoan matters. Tui will come and go; SSIG will come and go; Others will come and go . . . all without meaningful change – until that is when the people (and by that I mean you) realise that you’ve been suckered into an ungodly democratic system – the Beast – and then turn from it. Watch, wait and see – SSIG too believes in political power and worships at this Democratic Beast. There is no godliness in the system that is set up specifically to corrupt – no matter how nice, clean, pure or well-meaning the individual players may seem. It’s the corrupt that gain political power – there is simply no other way within Democracy. Please consider my words. They may be unpopular but they are accurate and godly.

    • Stop spreading lies you and whoever claimed to observe shit are full of it. Get over yourselves until you have hard evidence or proof of your so called claims. GTFOH! Everyone seems to just be bringing up b.s now but the question is WHY? So annoying

      • Hello Annoyed
        > Stop spreading lies you and whoever claimed to observe shit are full of it.
        Were you there? Nope! You’re full of it actually, delusion that is!
        > Get over yourselves until you have hard evidence or proof of your so called claims.
        Oh I have it all right! Do you think I would go public with this without it? Think about it!
        > GTFOH!
        GTFOH to you too!
        > Everyone seems to just be bringing up b.s now but the question is WHY?
        I think the more reasoned question is why you have a problem with facing the facts, actually.
        > So annoying
        That it may be but when new information comes along the smarter people adjust their opinions. I did. Will you? Or perhaps you can prove that the PM of Samoa was not caught with his pants down in his office on the fifth floor with his floosey in 2008?
        Look here dude (or dudess) . . . You may be angry but you are also rude and have been fooled – and shame is heaped upon all like you who support shameful behaviour. My advice is to open your eyes and consider the possibility that you may be wrong. Bring a case of defamation against me and lets have it all out in court or STFU. You can serve the papers on me anytime anywhere in New Zealand and I will cooperate fully. I even look forward to it! Mark my words though . . . your coward of a leader will prevent you bringing this out into public. Cockroaches hide in the dark – except in Samoa where they parade in public. See . . . I can be rude too. 🙂

  3. As shameful as these things may sound, unfortunately, Samoa isn’t the only place that is corrupt. It happens all over the world in the face of power, especially the most powerful places in the world like England, China, India, Korea & the most damning AMERICA! The conscience of a human is the most dangerous entity. As much as I want to side with your claims and anger, I would be dismissing the corruption of the rest of the world. It does sadden me that things like this happens from my people, however, I live in a country (America) that is supposed to be a FREE SPEECH, RIGHT TO WORSHIP place, when in reality it’s killing off races other than the white race on an hourly to daily basis BECAUSE of government corruption and power. Yet you’re worried about getting “booted out” of my island? Why don’t you be in MY position where we have to live day to day WORRYING when our unstable president will just decide to “boot” my people out after all the sacrifices and taxes we’ve put forth in this country? And after all the scandals and corruptions exposed on his behalf make a difference? No! He’s STILL the president and his money can pay off the world if he wants to. Sorry to say, there no perfect places in this world as long as “money” exists. So come to the promised land of America because your claims is minuscule compared to this country.

    • Hello Hoku and thank you for commenting here. I summarise your communication as “Corruption is global – get over your adversity”.
      To both sentiments, I concur. The thing that I object to most strenuously about your current political leader’s conduct though, is actually not that he was a coward, or an adulterer, or the shame that he brings to your people, or that he kicked me out of Samoa. Even the way that he kicked me out being deceptive, while it grates even two years after the event, is not as significant as the dishonesty inherent in the claim (which Tuila’epa endorses ad nauseum) is that “Samoa is Founded upon God”. The implication is that there is an element of godliness to Samoan things. This is the falsehood that riles with me as a truthseeker. The God that I know, love and serve reserves His greatest condemnation to those that claim to operate in His name falsely. Human nature is the same across the globe. My findings are that it’s just that evil manifests in different countries and cultures differently.

  4. What a disgrace thanks for your story and hopefully those who nominated him as dea pm reps shall never again i mean his district coz hes not walking along side with our Lord n its failing corruptions to our government. We left Samoa in 1996 dat prostitute Sonja was in da tourism n amazingly she still dea coz she sucks in pm dicks hell dat sta not successful coz its ruled by evils
    Thanks Dennis n God bless u n ur family

    • Hi Sulita and thank you for bothering to write here. I think that disgrace and shame are in order, most definitely, but remember that the people get the leadership they deserve – well at least that is according to the Lord anyway. Look it up! It took me a while to work out Sonja’s true nature. She was billed as a capable CEO and with strong ethics. Things came unraveled for her as I published her relationship with the PM and others too put the facts out in public. Your phrase “she sucks in pm dicks hell dat sta not successful coz its ruled by evils” is true in the sense that something wrong and ungodly has and I imagine still does occur where the marriage bed has been defiled, although it is a little more specific and rude than meets my criteria for blogging factually. The STA has always struggled because of more than immorality – it is a bureaucracy first and foremost where risk aversion and status quo has higher value than creative thought and commercial risk-taking. Remember also in regards to the old man that the process of walking with the Lord is a process and that while his pride will likely never allow him to do this, it is always possible that a Catholic can set matters right before he goes to the grave. Thank you for your good wishes.

  5. Wow, I’m not surprised. This happens frequently in Samoa and American Samoa. It’s sad and disturbing, disgusting they know God in their minds, but their hearts are from God. They put on a good show, but their lives are immoral. Need repentance and conviction. I’ve always known Samoan churches to be Sodom and Gormorah

    • Malo Sina and thank you for writing here. Samoan faith is largely a social construct. This doesn’t mean that it is invalid but it does mean that “repentance and conviction” are largely foreign concepts to the Samoan people. This situation is very similar to that Jesus confronted when He ran His Ministry on earth. The people were largely in bondage to a religious paradigm that denied hope. Interestingly He reserved His greatest anger towards the religious leaders of the day, but He never fought them. Sure He countered them and exposed them and cursed them but He was more interested in empowering the little people day after day, one by one. This is the blueprint then for Samoan salvation. First, you, Sina need to think through the reality that I present to you. Then you Sina need to turn from idolatry, specifically as a Samoan voter believing in democratic systems (I assume), then to share the knowledge, faith and obedience that you have and show with others as you are led to by the Holy Spirit. Do that, pay the price and Samoa (and the world) will be a better place. Thank you again for commenting.


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