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  1. Man I am 100% agreed, its time for our people to wake and do something because our independent nation is swallowing piece by piece by the big dragon. I was born and raised in Samoa in the village of Vailoa Faleata for 28 years of my life. Everyday we listen to the Parliament fono on the radio, thats when your hear the voices of crooked people trying to lead Samoa into poverty, destruction and dept. I am now resided in Florida, USA and live a happy life a country that was founded under morals and the for fathers. Hope somebody truthfully and ready to lead our Nation forward, not a crooked and selfish one like Tui. Peace be with Y’all and have a Blessing day.

    • Thank you for commenting here Moon. I would like to respond with the thoughts that EXPOSURE is the first step, then an abhorrence of sin is second. Individual action within our centres of influence is third and replication of godliness is fourth. Corrupt leadership will self-destruct and flee when this occurs as they lose their spiritual authority, granted to them willingly by the people. My post is profound in the sense that you cannot affect change by changing the head of the snake. This changes the way we should think in relation to corrupt leadership. Most Samoans have not grasped this concept yet.


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