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This post shares a Christian worldview relating to the Deep State. The study of evil can be depressing if not balanced with an understanding of God and His purposes. I take a communication received recently asking for help in this matter as the starting point, recount the key that I found to break depression and show that when we understand the time we live in, the Christian worldview brings huge hope. Enjoy, and thank you to the correspondent who asked. 

Nothing is more pitiful than a man who has knowledge but lacks wisdom. Wisdom comes from fear of God, literally God-fearing, knowing the heart and mind of God in a given situation. Truthseekers studying the Illuminati, the Deep State, Conspiracy (all heavily influenced by evil) can get and be hugely depressing.

Finding that TPTB are corrupt is one thing. Finding HOW corrupt they are is yet another. Research of evil is not for the faint hearted for it exists and in good order too.

This correspondent seeks help:

Hi i have a suggestion for the next “pastoral post”

That is, i hope you dont mind i see you as a bit of a genuine pastor like titus. In case you do not have any other biblical topics in mind, can you discuss er…a bit on the deep state? Not so much what “things” one needs to know about them other than its bad (since we as re to focus on god instead) but perhaps, what does having faith god is sovereign look like? Any examples from the bible and yourself?

What an incredible faith this young man has. He KNOWS that God is sovereign, despite seeking confirmation. He could probably research and write his own blog about his journey of faith too.

Because learning of the deep state can shake some peoples faith up a bit. Mine has been shaken quite a bit and i can see that henry makows doesnt seem so well.

Henry is a self-confessed pessimist. He cannot have hope because He rejects the Lord, and he knows this. Oh yes he TALKS about God but he views God as love alone, not accepting Jesus.

Of course i know that Jeremiah and the others complained how everyone kept doing child sacrifuces, and God told me that the children and babies that are gone are in His hands, but it makes me wonder…why this even happens at all.

Understanding why evil exists is an age-old question isn’t it?

I guess then this isnt so much about the deep state as what it would look like having faith despite the evils of the world. We are not to support the powers of darkness, but is there a way to fight TPTB?

Look to the Master. He ignored them. Since the resurrection they only have power on earth through deception. Jesus did what the Father asked of Him. He heard and obeyed.

Im wondering if that is left up to God alone or if i can do something than help myself stay out of the nwo. Because I dont want to be slack and i know a few brave alternative reporters bringing massive political corruptions to the public.

Jesus never “fought” TPTB. Evil self destructs. It implodes. He submitted to it trusting that the Father would lift Him up in due course and then allowing the Holy Spirit to come.

Because i think this would add in nicely to the rest of your recent biblical posts, how voting isnt good. Maybe there isnt much to say about this but from this email something might come to your mind? Anyways have a great day!

Deep State

Researchers, truthseekers and conspiracy freaks alike understand that there is a network, of individuals and organisations that deceive in order to secure power and money. Called The Powers That Be (TPTB) by some, named at the head as the Illuminati (The 13 intergenerational bloodline families), the Deep State represents the political side of New World Order, one that dovetails into the financial elite through the Central Banks and commercial aspects of it all.

Knowledge and understanding of the Illuminati, the Central Bankers and the Deep State (defining the loose religious, financial and political forces of evil) has increased substantially in the West in the last couple of decades. The 9-11 events triggered this increasing awareness and a string of false flags, rise of the Internet, increasing obvious signs of a financial bubble and a steady search for ‘spirituality’ in the face of rampant consumerism, capitalism and failing democracy have all contributed to this increased awareness.

The Deep State (as used by this correspondent) represents the deceptive evil ‘behind the scenes’ which can be scary and oppressive if not seen in proper (and that means for me, biblical) context.


There are different takes in Christendom on the future. We call the study of End Times ‘Eschatology‘. Some take scripture to present a “beam me up Scottie” approach where Jesus will hook the self-proclaimed ‘good guys’ out of the ailing, doomed planet into the sky to be with Him in Paradise forever. This resembles a form of Plan B approach to mankind and earth. Plan A failed so God’s second attempt with the rapture will fix the problem.

Others put His return out by a thousand years or so with various events in between in various order.

The way that we see the future determines how we act today. There’s hardly much point in doing the hard yards now if we’re going to get beamed up shortly is there? If the devil is going to win soon then why would we bother doing more than have a ‘party’ today? I don’t have a lot of confidence in the mainstream interpretations, despite the noise they create, mainly emanating from the USA.

The most coherent picture I’ve ever found of these contentious issues comes from Ron McKenzie’s materials at particularly his Times & Seasons. There are a few simple keys to understanding scripture –

  1. In Matthew 24, Jesus answered two questions, not one. This puts a clear divider between End Times and The End OF Time, opening things up to more reaslistic (I think) interpretations.
  2. Scriptures talk of a thousand generations. There is absolutely no basis for taking this figuratively. A literal take puts us around half way through history, not at the end of it. Give us another ten thousand years and there has to be a substantial difference to the way things are being done at present.
  3. The assumption of much eschatology is that God is on the back foot, reacting to something out of control, that Satan has control of and authority on earth. This does not match with my read of the way things are in the bible. I see Him as a God outside of time; a loving Creator who knew; has supreme control and is far from on the back foot. “All in His time!” is the way I see things working out, despite mankind’s desperation.
  4. Christ is projected to return to a perfected bride. The church is quite some ways away from this from what I can see.

Taking Ron’s view aligns many theological challenges into solutions for me, and apart from some of his geopolitical takes, I have yet to find reason to challenge it.

Increased Faith

Increased trust that the Holy Spirit has the power and authority to work His magic since Pentecost, but that He awaits us to give Him that authority, is a direct consequence of imbibing this worldview. Understanding the principles of authority are critical.

I’ve found that when viewing the activities of the Deep State as only to be expected, they seem more repetitive, predictable and automated reactions in the face of a living God, infinitely creative, working in and around the same old, same old grab for power and money. The worship of self is ultimately futile. Many a wise man has worked out that seeking to get, get, get is a frivolous activity and those who really have control of their lives seek to empower others rather than to control them.

Such views brings increased wisdom. The Christian world view takes it one step further though and ascribes the wisdom to Him, to the Lord. It’s all very well working out that there are bad boys messing with our minds, money and human management systems . . . our faith though increases when we can see God’s hand in it all, leading and guiding history.


For me, the key that unlocked the negative impact from the study of evil was to understand the affect of TIME on the challenges posed from knowing that there is evil afoot around us.

The guts of it is this:

Both God and the evil one know that there will be an increase in evil; a consolidation of power and wealth at a global level, for that is clearly predicted*. God though has control of the timeline.

There are two points of divergence between thing of darkness and Christian world view when it comes to this topic:

  1. Darkness claims to have the light, truth & power (yet the Christian worldview is that evil can only act when the restraining force of the Holy Spirit permits it) and
  2. That the eventual outcome is a bad prognosis for evil – something that evil is desperate to avoid facing.

The first of these points of divergence, that the Holy Spirit restrains evil can be understood in the way that Satan needed God’s authority first to afflict Job. Harking back to Shakespeare’s comment that the BS artists have their moment on stage then pass on, it’s all very well strutting your stuff on stage when it’s your turn. It’s a lot harder to claim power when your time is up, the people have gone home and the lights are all off.

That the Illuminati have been seeking global domination for centuries and still haven’t got it is heartening, for their desire was to have it NOW. That they haven’t I ascribe to the restraining power of the Holy Spirit, and this excites me for it shows that nothing is outside of His control.

Bye bye depression.

I encourage people to read scriptures alongside of the investigators and alternative media as it brings balance to what can be a depressing activity. The pursuit of scripture though in the absence of researching and understanding the world around us brings opportunity for error as we trust things we shouldn’t. Likewise with the excessive study evil. If it doesn’t bring us back to a good grasp of who God is and what He is doing at this time, we’re wasting what He has given to us.


* Daniel and Revelation spell this out quite clearly

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