Tuila’epa’s Assassination Complicity

Image source: OLP

In this post I share my take on anonymous Samoan blogger O Le Palamia’s (OLP’s) renewed claim that Samoa’s Prime Minister Tuila’epa, instead of being an intended victim of a political assassination, was fully knowledgeable of the assassination of a threatening political figure, if not even arranged it. With ‘plausible deniability’ a known technique of those in political power, OLP’s claims deserve a closer look. Enjoy.

Samoan politics is a cut-throat business. Passions run high. Samoans in power know how to use it. Corruption is and has been endemic for a very long time. The vast bulk of the Samoan people are passive towards their crooked leaders.

I share the relevant posts from OLP in full, interspersing commentary and finish with my own [quite damning] take on things and share my repeating advice on what people who care should do.

The first post, entitled “Corrupt PM Tuilaepa and HRPP’s Corruption Linked to Assassination”:

This corrupt PM Tuilaepa is nothing but a mentally retarded compulsive and habitual liar. In his book, ‘Palemia,’ he mentioned the assassination of the late former HRPP Minister, the Honorable Luagalau Levaula Kamu. Corrupt PM Tuilaepa claimed that the murder plot which resulted in his assasination, was intended for him but not for the MP Luagalau Levaula Kamu.

Well corrupt PM Tuilaepa, there was nothing in the statements of the two HRPP MPs and Alatise Vitale’s (the son of the late former MP/Minister Vitale) that suggested or even mentioned that the plot for murder was intended for you.

I concur with this sentiment. The story that a well-planned assassination was actually an attempt on Tui’s life strains credibility beyond the stretching point. Furthermore in the situation that OLP describes, this would be the way that a man complicit with the events, a man with ultimate political power, does think. While not proof, it does fit with the facts as we generally know them.

Corrupt PM Tuilaepa, other HRPP members including some members of the public (especially those who held positions of authority), were fully aware of the plot to murder MP Luagalau way before it was carried out.

Again to believe otherwise when you have lived, worked and played in Samoa is a nonsense. Tuila’epa knows what is happening at all times. He is an effective political leader, astute and nothing gets past him. I would bet very strongly that he absolutely knew, as did those on the inside and that it may go a lot further than this. More on that later.

On the 16th of July in 1999, HRPP held a ball at St Joseph’s College. The ball was to mark the 20th anniversary since HRPP was established. MP Luagalau Levaula Kamu was the Master of Ceremony (MC) for that evening. MP Luagalau introduced the PM to the guests who attended the ball that fateful night.

Not long after MP Luagalau’s introduction, his phone rang. The call was from his niece Sina who wanted to know where the ball was held at.

This is detail that brings deep credibility to OLP’s blogging. One of the things that liars do is generalise. Another is to attack the player and not the ball. OLP (like I do too) always brings detail to his claims even if he doesn’t reveal his identity or sources. This is the kind of information that comes directly from the Police. OLP has deep sources inside the government and the civil service, including the Police. He is an insider, or close to insiders. Detail sets the stage for huge credibility if logic is applied correctly.

He left the party and stepped out to the back of the hall to continue his phone conversation with Sina. Luagalau asked his niece if she was coming and pleaded with her to make sure she does turn up. Meanwhile, inside the hall, corrupt PM Tuilaepa was still giving his speech to their party guests.

While Luagalau was talking on the phone, Alatise, (the son of former MP Vitale) was nearby in the dark. He put the barrel of the gun thru a hole between the bricks of a wall – aimed at the MP, Alatise pulled the trigger. MP Luagalau fell to the ground and cried out, “I am broken to pieces. – Ua uma lo’u ola (I’m dying).”

Remember that this has always been presented as an assassination attempt on the PM. Either OLP or the PM is lying. The PM has a prime facie reason TO lie. OLP could be a man with a vendetta and inventing it all, or exaggeration but has a track record of accusation and exposure that has stacked up very well to date, IMHO. I’m beginning to see the big picture now and want to read more, for it seems highly plausible that I am reading explosive fact.

The Minister of Lands (at the time), MP Tuala Sale Tagaloa, was the first to rush to his side. He and others carried MP Luagalau from the back of the building where he was shot, out to the front of it, not far from where corrupt PM Tuilaepa was giving his speech just inside.

The NZ High Commissioner Matt Price who was a guest at the ball believed a gas bottle had exploded. No one knew the cause of MP Luagalau’s wound (except for the plotters) until the hospital confirmed it was from a gunshot.

Meanwhile, while all of this was happening to MP Luagalau , corrupt PM Tuilaepa continued on with his speech as if nothing had happened despite him being fully aware of the murder plot against Luagalau by this lot – he was also aware that Luagalau was shot.

Instead of asking his Cabinet members who assisted MP Luagalau about what had happened, corrupt PM Tuilaepa turned to Ray Lilo, (the band leader of the band performing at the ball) and asked him about what had happened. Ray Lilo told corrupt PM Tuilaepa that HRPP’s MP Luagalau had just being shot.

Explosive indeed. Well written indeed. A nice balance between the emotive and fact. OLP is now a story-teller in his stride. Again more detail that shows an excellent inside knowledge. Telling these stories from fabrication would be easy to establish lies. Recounting fact however like this is highly credible, especially when not directly challenged.

Instead of bringing the festivities to an end due to an assassination, Corrupt PM Tuilaepa told Ray Lilo to continue on playing the music to entertain the HRPP guests. The HRPP cabinet ministers danced the night away like nothing had happened. They cut the cake and cheered – they were merry whilst others were in shock and at a loss.

Now this is presented as a callous act. Yes, it may be but there is also the Samoan culture at stake here, and Tui’s desire to deal with things later. I’d give the PM here a little slack, not much but that was his call to make – to kill the whole thing or keep it going.

Other ministers approached MP Tuala and asked him if he was alright – he told them MP Luagalau was shot.

One of the worse things about this incident was that no ambulance attended the scene to render emergency first aid to the wounded MP. However, they hauled his body onto the back of a ute and rushed him to the hospital – MP Luagalau died on arrival.

This is typical of third world situations though. Top priority is to get the man to hospital, any how and not wait around for inefficient services to appear or not appear as the case may be. In the context that this was a set-up, it may be that Ambulance services were deliberately delayed or unavailable but we do not know.

One of the heroes on the night was Dr Aisoli Vaai who was a guest of the celebrations. He stayed by MP Luagalau’s side and assisted him all the way right up to his death.

It was later revealed that the gun that was used to assassinate MP Luagalau with was an M-16 automatic rifle.

That’s a highly relevant fact. More on this later.

This whole incident happened because of the corruption committed by corrupt PM Tuilaepa and HRPP over so many years – MP Luagalau was the one who spoke up against it.

And now we’re getting to the motive.

Second post, “Corrupt PM Tuilaepa and HRPP’s Corruption Linked to Assassination”:

​Part 1 of this story was about the assassination of the late Hon. Luagalau Levaula Kamu at a HRPP celebration. The late MP Luagalau one of the new wave of MP who came thru with the intention to clean up corruption within the HRPP govt.

This is (or should be) a huge lesson for those seeking to enter politics to clean it up. This NOT POSSIBLE. One cannot use the problem to fix the problem. You have to INVERT the problem to fix the problem. You can’t borrow your way out of debt. You can’t use guns to achieve peace. Political power is not the tool to reduce the abuses of political power. Speak to Jesus and understand what He did to destroy the power of the religious leaders and evil. I share more about this elsewhere and at the end of this post, but basically we must EXPOSE evil but never fight it. We let evil implode, for that is its nature – when allowed to have its way it self-destructs, for that is its nature – destruction.

The story continues…..

The late MP Vitale was the Minister of Public Works. While he was a Minister of govt, he established a company to carry out road works (fai auala) – the company was registered under his brother’s name.

Roading is one of the easy ways for leverage of power to occur in the third world. A form of fascism, government working alongside of private enterprise secure wealth for the elite from the lesser mortals. Construction, roading, public works are easy and well-proven ways that wealth can be reallocated to the privileged. It’s always the way!

While MP Vitale was the Minister of Public Works, another former HRPP Minister, Feti Toluono, was the Minister of EPC. He too had a construction company with his brother. Most of the machinery used by MP Vitale and Feti Toluono’s privately owned companies, were imported under EPC’s account to avoid paying taxes and duties to the people.

Now this sort of thing is also common in Samoa and this is the corruption that grates badly with those off-island. Unfortunately Samoans on-island don’t see this as wrong or bad. They see it as “just the way things are”. Thus the people want and do everything to be in powerful positions for their own ends so that it can be them and their family that gets the benefits of power. When you have the bulk of society normalising greed and immorality it is only to be expected that they participate in the corruption. Knowing that a political leader can get away with importing turkey tails without having to pay tax on it, causes a few people to complain, but it doesn’t stop them trying to do the same thing. They try to get their family members onto the inside so that they too can get the benefits. When importing something into Samoa, the vast bulk of the people seek to speak to their relatives or contacts in customs so that they can avoid tax or duties. This is simply the way they think!

As for MP Toi Aukuso he was made the Minister of Communications.

Both MP Vitale and MP Toi Aukuso were involved in stealing cows as well. The cattle were from overseas and were intended for the farmers here in Samoa.

And this is one of the reasons that gifting to Samoa, indeed any third world country is so detrimental to the Samoan state (of being, AND country). Virtually ALL gifts are misappropriated to the elite. I’ll repeat that more clearly, virtually ALL gifts to Samoa and Samoans end up in the leaders’ control. This is simply how it works.

Corrupt PM Tuilaepa was aware of the corruption committed by his Ministers, as he was receiving a big ‘cut’ from them. When he realized his ‘cut’ was getting smaller and smaller, he deviced a plan to get back at them.

Now this claim that Tuila’epa is on the take personally, is a deep claim that I cannot vouch for as I never saw this in my time in Samoa. Indeed Tui showed me the opposite, that he did NOT want to be seen to publicly be benefiting personally, BUT I was an outsider and would never expect TO see this. I stumbled onto his immorality with his Mistress because I was involved in tourism things and got caught in his BS with Sonja, but I was not involved in bribery or corruption matters where I saw him on the take.

Now, I know that he has property and housing elsewhere around the world. I know that he is corrupt and lies. Liars are always thieves because every lie has a cost associated with it, and a Samoan political at the top of the tree with corruption increasing over his time surely has to be as corrupt as the rest? So I can believe this, most definitely and consider this a realistic most likely correct claim. As I have said, OLP clearly has good sources and hasn’t been shown to be wrong so far . . . as far as I can see.

He decided to take the Public works portfolio from MP Vitale and gave it to the late MP Luagalau instead. This was his way of getting back at both Vitale and Aukuso and to shake them up a bit because they short-changed him.


Corrupt PM Tuilaepa did the same thing with MP Liuga. MP Liuga committed corruption in Samoa Land Corporation (SLC) and corrupt PM Tuilaepa received a big cut from it too. But when corrupt PM Tuilaepa realized his cut got smaller and smaller, he turned to his son in law/Chief Auditor, Papalii Camillo Afele, and ordered him to audit SLC and make sure some of the corruption committed there was mentioned in his report.

This was corrupt PM Tuilaepa’s way to have his cut increased again by way of blackmailing MP Liuga with the Chief Auditor’s report, however, he knew he would step in to cover up MP Liuga’s corruption. That’s why MP Liuga did not have a care in the world because he knew the head of the main snake’s intention was not about cleaning up corruption but blackmail. Corrupt PM Tuilaepa’s ‘cut’ was increased again; the corruption was covered up and is the reason why the Chief Auditor’s report was never tabled in Parliament.

This all has huge credibility in my eyes as I was involved with these people and departments at the time in various ways. OLP appears to know a little more than me but he’s dead right in what I DO know.

The money they received from their ‘cuts’ did not include the money they made from overseas money laundered thru SIFA. Till this day no one knows exactly how much profit SIFA had made from money laundering because all of corrupt PM Tuilaepa’s children who hold jobs in the Ministry of Finance and Treasury as well as his son in law who is the Chief Auditor, were cooking the books – they still are today.

This is a large black hole and it is way more than SIFA monies, it covers the gamut of all international dealings – telecommunications I know, fisheries has come out into the public arena a little, IT not so much but rest assured there are some things that Tuila’epa and Octevi from CSL have done that would cause immediate sentencing and jail sentences in other jurisdictions. Primary industries like agriculture and forestry, ecology, the Climate Change rort, immigration, tourism, it just goes on and on and on.

Back to MP Vitale and MP Toi Aukuso…

During the court case, the court house was filled with both the defendant’s families on one side and the victim’s family on the other.

Both defendants were found guilty of murder and were sentenced to be hanged. However, the late Head of State Malietoa stepped in and signed the clemency to spare the two but to send them to die in jail instead. Even the wife/widow of the late MP Luagalau Kamu made a plea to spare the lives of her husband’s killers, as she was a daughter of a church minister.

Despite the sentence and the evidence presented against the 2 defendants, they both believed they were innocent. Both defendants also admitted during their trial that the reason why corrupt PM Tuilaepa replaced Vitale as Minister of Public Works with MP Luagalau and moved him to the Ministry of Women Affairs was because he (corrupt PM) wasn’t satisfied with the ‘cut’ he was getting as he expected more.

These claims are seriously hurtful to the credibility of Samoa’s Prime Minister. Tui is a tough old rooster and knows how to play the game but the way I look at things he’s really been taken a hammering with these claims, especially in the educated and Western influenced sectors of the Samoan people.

When Toi Aukuso was led to the police car, he called out that he was not guilty, “I’m not guilty, I’m not guilty, I’m not guilty!”

Of course he would say that as he knew the head of the snake was still the PM of the nation and he would do whatever it takes to protect himself and to cover any tracks that would lead back to him.

MP Vitale and MP Toi Aukuso were corrupt PM Tuilaepa’s right hand men back then and that’s why they always held Ministerial positions – no different to how MP Liuga was corrupt PM Tuilaepa’s right hand man not long ago.

Right, now we come to the issue of ‘plausible deniability’ and where guilt actually lies. OLP gets into the specifics of this later, but generally those in power use others to do the dirty work. In Samoa this is common too. The first real example I got of this is the way a Satapuala matai I had a lease agreement explained it to me. His brother had a bus. A bus run is a good cashflow producer in Samoa. He sold it when his brother left for Australia. “Eniko, why did you sell the bus?” I asked him innocently one day. “Because I didn’t want to go to jail!” was his reply. I dug a little deeper and found out that he had been arrested for “decking” a Police officer who was issuing him tickets for over-crowded buses but not the drivers from his own village. The solution? The boy who assisted him on the bus took the blame for his boss, the Police changed the charges from the guilty matia to the innocent boy. No shame. All happy and life carries on. The Matai simply sold the bus so that he wasn’t ever in that situation again. Pragmatic solution? Yup! The same thing applies in politics up the top. The PM may not directly instruct that the assassination should take place, but when the heat came on after the event he could protect the criminals, and give them rewards of careers or jobs or commercial contracts as a little thank you. Yes, there would be times that the Old Man would have been in private discussions with his corrupt henchmen. Did he actually order it? Perhaps only he, God and a man or two other knows.

Today, corrupt PM Tuilaepa has 4 HRPP Ministers (which include 3 new MPs) as his henchmen to carry out and continue his dirty works. They include MP Tialavea Tionisio Hunt (Minister of Revenue and Minister of Prisons and Rehabilitations) and the new 3 stooges – MP Afamasaga Rico Tupai (Minister of Communication and Information Technology and MP Liuga’s son in law), MP Loau Keneti Sio (Minister MESCS) and MP Sili Epa Tuioti (Minister of Finance, SIFA, etc).

At the end of the day, corrupt PM Tuilaepa used the late MP Luagalau as a pawn in his dirty and corrupt games – the late MP Luagalau (like the people today) literally became a victim of corrupt PM Tuilaepa and HRPP’s corrupt politics.

This sounds correct. At the end of the day. This is where liars and deceivers fall down every time a coconut. At the end of the day corruption is up, not down. So at the end of the day . . . that there is the visible proof. Put another way, if King Kong was clean and wanted corruption gone he could have and would have had a reduction after this length of time. It’s not. It’s arguably much worse on his watch.

Did HRPP and the people learn anything from it? NO – they did not.

The corruption today is worse than it was back then, as today it is evident that more and more people are living in poverty and struggling as a result of it. That is why I continue to call this corrupt HRPP nothing more than a bunch of aivalea corrupt fools!

Now here OLP associates two separate things (corruption & poverty) and while he’s right in my books to associate them, he’s not being as detailed in his analysis as me. Poverty can exist without corruption. Likewise corruption can exist with poverty either invisible or transferred elsewhere. A selfish and greedy village or tribe or country can prosper at the expense of others in the world. In Samoa however the poverty exists in the context of crooked greedy leadership, but as I have said repeatedly it is an unfaithful poverty mentality that matters more than monetary poverty. When you have people with nothing stealing from the hand that feeds them; when you have people raping their own; when you have religious and political leaders taking, taking, taking and oppressing you cannot simply blame a corrupt political leader . . . Samoans individually need to take responsibility for their conduct, have faith in the One that came for them and then DO the right thing – that’s the real issue. Yes, OLP is correct that the people suffer under corrupt leadership and HRPP is the powerbase of the day in Samoa. It’s not the direct or only cause however.

The scorch [he means scourge] of this govt’s corruption has spread thru society like wildfire and the people accepted it as normal. This corruption is the reason why everything that corrupt PM Tuilaepa touches turns to ashes because the innocent blood on his hands has not dried yet.

And that is quite true . . . there can be huge consequences for ignorance, immorality and irreverence that last generations.

The third post, “Corrupt PM Tuilaepa and HRPP’s Corruption Linked to Assassination”:

​After the assassination of MP Luagalau with a single shot thru his back with a rifle, corrupt PM Tuilaepa moved quickly to distance the govt from the plot to murder Luagalau.

Two days after the arrest of Alatise (son of MP Leafa), corrupt PM Tuilaepa issued a public statement that the assassination was not politically motivated. However, not long afterwards, the police arrested both MPs Leafa Vitale and Toi Aukuso in relation to the murder of the late MP Luagalau.

So how the heck could corrupt PM Tuilaepa deny that the assassination was not politically motivated yet two HRPP Ministers were arrested for their involvement in this murder?

This is a very telling observation and equates to TPTB calling false-flag events immediately that they occur. This is not realistic. OLP’s take is far, far more likely to be on the nail – simple logic. Smoking gun again from a politician misrepresenting reality.

There were a lot of reasons as to why corrupt PM Tuilaepa and a few HRPP members wanted MP Luagalau dead.

Two weeks prior to the shooting, MP Luagalau accused MPs Leafa Vitale, Toi Aukuso and others in parliament for the corruption they committed over many years.

Now taking on TPTB is a serious event for violence is not unknown in Samoan politics! Tha goes back a long way too!

To make matters worse for corrupt PM Tuilaepa and HRPP, was the fact that former MP Luagalau went on Television and publicly announced the sacking of a number of Public Works officials and also threatened to publish all the evidence of their corruption for the whole of Samoa to see.

Maybe not wise? Certainly circumstantial evidence!

Around the same time too, a few members of HRPP who committed serious crimes overseas, were wanted by the authorities of those countries abroad in relations to the crimes they committed there.

And covered up too! This is the Samoan way, to save face internationally and in the crooks’ own villages.

Corrupt PM Tuilaepa realized that if MP Luagalau was to carry out what he announced to do, it would be the end of HRPP as more than half of the HRPP party were involved in corruption. That made MP Luagalau a dangerous man and a threat to corrupt PM Tuilaepa and his HRPP goons. They saw no other way out therefore wasted no time and immediately plotted to murder him.

Now this leap to conclusion may be correct, but OLP has not provided detailed evidence thus far. Let’s run with his commentary a little further.

There were also a lot of allegations about MP Leafa Vitale and his son Alatise making serious threats against some senior public servants, some members of the public as well as against Samoa Observer for trying to expose and publicise their corrupt activities. Some of the threats they made ended up in court but were dismissed due to a huge cover up orchestrated by corrupt PM Tuilaepa.

More detail needed by OLP but absolutely typical of Samoan things and probably dead accurate too if OLP has inside knowledge through the Police.

MP Leafa was also investigated by an insurance company in the United States for fraud committed when he faked his own death – the insurance company paid out a large sum of money to his wife. His son Alatise was also a member of a Hawaiian gang called S.O.S – Sons Of Samoa.

Yup! It all comes out!

The Truth was never told in court regarding the other HRPP members, including corrupt PM Tuilaepa, who were involved in collusion to plot murder, as the police were also part of the cover up as well.

In the Western world there is a social expectation that the Police are straight and accusations of corruption in the Police are challenging to that perception. Not so in Samoa. Samoan police who do play it straight are the exception in the public’s mind. Samoans KNOW that the Samoan Police are corrupt and abuse their power. For them, this is the norm. We in the West find this hard to comprehend.

Chapter Four, “Corrupt PM Tuilaepa and HRPP’s Corruption Linked to Assassination”:

I promised the people a while ago that I will give them Part 4 of the Luagalau Assasination story – here it is.

Before the assassination of the late HRPP MP, Luagalau Levaula Kamu, there was a rift within the HRPP caucus and corrupt PM Tuilaepa’s position as the Prime Minister of Samoa, was under grave threat when it was challenged by senior HRPP MPs. At that time, most senior members of HRPP wanted change and had preferred Misa Telefoni Retzlaff to be the Prime Minister.

I can confirm that there were these tensions. I witnessed them myself when Misa was Deputy PM.

Being challenged angered corrupt PM Tuilaepa very much and he felt the need to ‘settle the score’ – that was when he and his thugs hatched a plan for an assassination to secure his position.

It began with a missing SLR – a police rifle. Corrupt PM Tuilaepa’s driver at that time was a police officer named Lapi and he was instructed to smuggle a SLR (self loading rifle) to a man at Alafua. That rifle was smuggled out from the police’s safe storage (for weapons) and it was similar to the one used in the assassination of the late MP Luagalau. I strongly believe it was the same rifle that was used to carry out the deed.

This is logical. Lapi has remained loyal to the PM even to this day I believe.

By the way, a Self Loading Rifle (SLR) is a semi-automatic rifle which can disperse up to 250 rounds of ammunition per minute. Here in Samoa, this type of powerful weapon is banned from being owned by the public but is only used by the police during their drug raids or guards of honour. I do have a few of these in my possession. So don’t come near me – I’m more concerned about your safety than mine. Lol lol lol

Ummm, I find this a little diversion from OLP strange.

A Chief Inspector Peita Moalele discovered that a SLR/rifle was missing from the safe storage and so he raised the alarm and notified Police Commissioner Asi Semisi Blakelock. However, due to corruption within the police force at the time, the Chief Inspector’s concerns fell on deaf ears and so he resorted to writing to the Samoa Observer to expose the Truth about the rifle. But he was quickly silenced by both corrupt PM Tuilaepa and Police Commissioner Asi Blakelock.

That’s definitely how things work! OLP’s credibility remains strong in my book.

As for corrupt PM Tuilaepa’s driver, Lapi, he was never charged in relation to the missing SLR/rifle but received a promotion to a higher rank instead.

That could be quite accurate and has an element of fact to it in that Lapi is a top cop always at the PM’s side.

The question is, “WHO WAS THE MAN IN ALAFUA THAT LAPI (Tuilaepa’s driver) SMUGGLED THE SLR TO?

Did he hand the SLR over to Toi Aukuso so Toi Aukuso can hand it over to Alatise Vitale to carry out the deed? Or did he place the SLR directly into the hands of Alatise Vitale?

Good question.

The police need to find out exactly who the mysterious man was that Officer/driver Lapi handed the SLR to. Once they find out who that ‘mysterious man’ was, then that would link corrupt PM Tuilaepa directly to the murder of MP Luagalau as he was the one who ordered Lapi to deliver the SLR to a “man’ in Alafua.

Not long after the SLR/rifle went missing from the police weaponry storage, the assassination took place during a HRPP celebration held at the St Joseph’s hall, where the late MP Luagalau was fatally shot at cold blank.

The corrupt police and their Police Commissioner Asi Blakelock immediately worked on a cover up and put all the blame on Alatise (son of former MP Vitale) as he was the one who literally pulled the trigger.

It strains credibility that any political assassination in ANY jurisdiction, time and context is ever a sole gunman. TPTB from time immemorial try this one on. It’s a repeating story. OLP is on the nail as far as I can see.

Corrupt PM Tuilaepa quickly issued a statement claiming the bullet MP Luagalau took was really meant for him – this was to divert the public’s attention away from linking him to the assassination. The intended target to be assassinated was Misa Foni Retzlaff.

But the assassination of MP Luagalau was horrifying enough to send a strong message to the rest of the HRPP members to not dare challenge him again as he would not hesitate to do everything and anything to hold on to power. Not long afterwards, Misa T. Retzlaff resigned from his position of MP.

Fear works. I engaged with Misa, while he was there a little, gave him a copy of a couple of my books and chatted for an hour or two but I spent more time the Tuila’epa as Misa was on the way out. The commentary that OLP gives here appears on the surface to be accurate and most likely represents fact WAY more than the official story.

The trial of MP Vitale, MP Toi Aukuso and Alatise Vitale (son of MP Vitale) was riddled with corruption. The evidence were tampered with and the Police Commissioner at the time was also very corrupted.

I can believe that, absolutely.

As for Alatise Vitale who pulled the trigger, he should never had been sentenced to life in jail as he was constantly threatened, degraded and immensely pressured by his own father and some members of HRPP to carry out this evil deed. If this was a case in America, NZ or Australia, Alatise would’ve being charged with manslaughter instead and the HRPP MPs that were involved would’ve been charged with 1st degree murder and received either the death penalty or life in jail and never to be released.

Yes, but Samoa is not America, NZ or Australia. OLP is damning in his analysis though. So far my take is that he’s right on the nail.

All the stories at the time claiming Toi Aukuso and Leafa Vitale were jealous of MP Luagalau been appointed as the Minister of Public Works, are all excuses to cover up the Truth.

In recent years, corrupt PM Tuilaepa and HRPP had appointed Misa Telefoni’s own son as our current Attorney General – it was all part of their throw off.

Police Commissioner Fuiavailiili Egon, AG Lemalu H. Retzlaff and the Cabinet need to re-open this case and bring the Truth to light about what actually happened that led to the assassination and cover up of the murder of MP Luagalau. Remember Toi Aukuso continued to claim his innocence right up to his last days. He took the Truth with him to his grave.

Truthseekers appreciate the work of others like them who have paid a high price for speaking the truth.

Poor Misa was ousted by the village for not letting them know beforehand why he resigned. But why would he tell them when Misa knew that the Pulenuu, the Tu’ua and the Sa’o o Aiga of Falelatai were all under corrupt PM Tuialepa’s thumb? For him to tell them the Truth would meant putting his own family at great risk. Till this day, he never told his children and his family the real reason why he resigned.

I can believe that.


Because they fear. They fear reprisals and they are not prepared to trust the Lord.

It’s not hard to reopen this case – the police ( past and present) are still around today and they all need to be re-interviewed. Go over all the statements that were made back then and I will guarantee you they’ll contain enough evidence to send corrupt PM Tuilaepa, some HRPP MPs and corrupt former police officers to trial. Any key witnesses for the police in regards to this case, must be put under police protection 24/7.

It’s not going to happen.

We can always ask for assistance from overseas govts (NZ, Australia, US, UK) to help assist our police and to protect the key witnesses with this particular case if re-opened, as it is a high profile case and it involves corrupt politicians.

That’s not going to happen either.

Corrupt PM Tuilaepa and his corrupt HRPP members are not a god. They only became powerful because you people gave them power when you surrendered your power to them. Only thru the Truth will you re-gain your power and freedom from these corrupt and oppressing leaders.

Yes and this is DEAD right. OLP has hit the nail right on the head. Power comes from deceit and through trickery. The little people are fooled into casting their vote (a vote is a prayer) and I warned Samoans at the last elections. When you vote in a corrupted system, you empower the corrupted within that system. And the thing that happens is that you place something above faith in the Lord. That makes people like Tuila’epa god-like. This is idolatry, plain and simple. Democracy (the chosen power structure since independence) is evil – totally agin the Lord.

That’s right OLP. That’s dead right!

Chapter 5, “Corrupt PM Tuilaepa and HRPP’s Corruption Linked to Assassination”:

The last time I wrote about the assassination of the late MP Luagalau Levaula Kamu, I mentioned that corrupt PM Tuilaepa ordered police officer and part time driver “Lapi” to take the SLR (self loading rifle/M16) to a ‘mystery man’ at Alafua. This raised the question, “Who was the ‘mystery man’ at Alafua that “Lapi” delivered the SLR to?”

After the assassination, Chief Inspector Peita Moalele discovered that the SLR which belonged to the police dept was missing from the police weapon storage. The story continues.

On the fateful evening of HRPP’s annual celebration, two police officers were on duty at the Fugalei market after 4:00 pm. Sergent Fineaso Aimaasu was the Sergeant in Charge of that shift.

This is damningly detailed information, again indicating that OLP is either in the Police or has deep knowledge or contacts in the Samoan Police

Later on that evening, Sergeant Fineaso Aimaasu turned up at the Fugalei market and told the two officers on duty there, that he had just received a last minute call and instructions from Police Commissioner Asi Blakelock, for them to go to Alafua to guard the celebration there. Sergeant Fineaso then took the two officers and dropped them off to Alafua.


By the time these two police officers arrived at the HRPP celebrations, the hall was filled with guests and HRPP Party members and the celebration had already started. The officers were surprised to find out that they would be the only ones on duty to guard HRPP’s function.


Normally, corrupt PM Tuilaepa and the HRPP Party would notify the Police Department at least two weeks in advance to organize police officers to guard their celebrations and always, there’d be more than two police – at least 8 or more.


What was also odd that night was the band corrupt PM Tuilaepa and HRPP invited to entertain at the celebrations. The band that was playing that night was the Tatiana Band instead of the Police Band that usually played at their annual ball every year.


It was the custom of the HRPP govt to invite all CEOs/Head of Departments to their annual celebration. But on this particular night, Police Commissioner Blakelock was the only one who decided not to attend but catch the last boat (vaa moe) to come here to Savaii for no particular reason.


Every HRPP celebration is always held at the HRPP Headquarters at Mulinuu. This was the first time in HRPP’s history the venue of their celebration was changed to St Joseph’s hall instead. Why? Was it because if the celebration on this particular night was to be held at Mulinuu, it would make it impossible for the perpetrator to escape due to the high fencing that surround the building?

Probably. This is circumstantial and not actual proof but when I see this sort of thing it does bring credibility to OLP’s account.

This was also the first time HRPP didn’t have the police band play at the party. Why? Was it perhaps the presence of too many police officers would make the assassinator nervous and therefore not carry out what he was instructed to do? Or was it because to have that many police around would make it easier to catch the assassinator on site?


Why didn’t HRPP notify the police in advance of their program for their annual celebration as they usually did every other year?


And why didn’t former PC Asi (who was well aware as he was notified at a much earlier date) organize a team of police well in advance to guard the party for the safety of those who attended?


Why did Police Commissioner Asi Blakelock decide in the last minute to not attend the party but come to Savaii instead?


This was a well planned and thought out assassination. Obviously they had been planning it for a while and juggled with two victims in mind – either MP Luagalau or MP Foni Retzlaff, whoever came first. That night it was MP Luagalau.

This is chilling. For those who know that they have dodged a bullet, it must be quite scary. I walked in on an armed holdup at Te Kuiti RSA a month or so ago but it was just about to happen so they were hiding themselves and their weapon from me. I felt the next day when I found out like I had cotton-wool protection around me. So must those who escaped.

You’d have to be a dumb, blind and stupid investigator to not see who was behind the assassination of the MP. But then again, the investigators were none other than the corrupt Police Commissioner Asi Blakelock and his corrupt police officers.


Police Commissioner Egon and the Attorney General Lemalu H. Retzlaff must reopen this case as key witnesses to this assassination (who were never interviewed nor gave statements at the time), are still around today. They need to bring in former Police Commissioner Asi Blakelock, corrupt PM Tuilaepa and other senior HRPP MPs at the time and question them all.

It will never happen. I spoke to Egon in his third week of employment. He was gungho about cleaning up corruption. I told him that he would never achieve his goals – not because he was stupid, but because I know and knew his bosses. The fish rots from the head. Sure enough, he got trashed and arrested and charged and all manner of trouble occurred. You cannot fight evil from above. It has to come from the truth coming out and the little people doing the right thing which then creates a groundswell, a tipping point in which evil is abhored. Then it will implode. OLP is well-meaning but will forever be disappointed with his preferred approach to dealing with corruption.

There’s a reason why this story has re-surfaced again lately and I believe it’s because the Truth must prevail and justice must be served. An innocent man was gunned down for serving his nation with transparency and accountability. To honor his integrity, courage and nobility, the case must be re-opened and those who got away, must face the consequences of their actions and role played in this assassination. His family and the nation deserve Truth and Justice.


Although it happened years ago, unfortunately till this day, the blood of the late MP Luagalau Levaula Kamu, still has not dried and has left a permanent stain on HRPP – for good.

True. OLP is dead on the nail in the story he tells. My money is on his take being 100% on the nail, although his solutions are not as advanced as his reporting.

There is nothing in this series from OLP that I would or can argue with. It comes across as credible, accurate and matches with my knowledge of Samoa and Samoan conduct perfectly. Unless I see anything to the contrary, this is as good as fact as I can tell.

People in Samoa have a difficulty in that it is not socially appropriate to speak up. The price can be high . . . very high but the work that OLP (and I) does sharing this all is profoundly important. More need to do the same. It’s not that the crooks need taking down, it is that the people empower the crooks. When they speak the truth, understand the significance of supporting the corruption at their village level and DO something different then, and only then will the Lord bring about the better society that so many people seek.

Faith requires an ear to hear and obedience. The people sing, pray and talk about Jesus ad infinitum in Samoa but only when the little people individually turn from their wicked ways, THEN things will turn. It is changing, slowly but don’t expect it to happen over night.

Well done to OLP for getting it out there and thank you for working your way through this long post. It’s been a pleasure analysing it all for you.

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