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  1. Dear OLP — thank you for your detail discovery / reporting on this horrific crime. It is unfortunate (if all true) that innocent blood has been spilled while the criminal(s) is(are) still walking amongst ourselves.

    Dear Dennis — thank you for your detail analysis.

    • Thanks. I cannot verify these claims by OLP but as I say, it most certainly makes sense and it’s hard to see the level of detail from OLP being fabricated. Given the choice between accepting the words of a whistleblower or a politician – especially in a country wracked with known corruption and increasing – I’d take OLP any day. The answer is to expose, expose, expose then abhor, abhor, abhor then repent, repent, repent from the top dog down to the animals. THEN He will listen and heal our lands, but it is presumptuous to expect things to get better when sin is the accepted norm. Healing is highly conditional. When the people laugh at the thought of the PM and his Mistress having it off on the 5th floor, this is far from abhorrence and/or repentance. Samoa has a L-O-N-G ways to go yet! Thank you for commenting Tusitala.


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