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  1. Do you think OLP will reveal thyself? Anyway thanks for an informative summary. It’s a bit worrying for our beautiful country. We just pray for peace and guidance from above. God bless Samoa and its leaders. OLP thanks for sharing the information with the public. God bless you and your work too.

    • > Do you think OLP will reveal thyself?

      I don’t know. It’s not an easy question to answer. He has a following and street credibility and can do much “under cover”. On the other hand when they get him (and they will) his credibility will reduce. Should he reveal his identity voluntarily then he will gain greater kudos in some circles and take his fight up a level or two, but of course this increases his probability of being taken out. I assessed the probability of my being taken out 1% (1:100) when I lived in Samoa and 40% of being kicked out. Having been ‘exported’ I now assess that I may have to pay the ‘ultimate price’ as 5% or more. You have to understand both the Samoan propensity for violence, passion, and how corruption works. I think it’s inevitable that his identity will come into the public arena but whether this is voluntarily or involuntarily I cannot predict. In some ways it’s a timing thing. Peace and guidance are good to pray for but from my observations of the Samoan faith, obedience to Him would be more valuable to the society. Thank you for commenting and asking.

  2. What an amazing piece of insight Dennis, worthy of a contribution towards a book possibly titled, ‘ Not all Samoan’s dance to a corrupt pied piper like Stui’s tune!’. I believe, that OLP is for the people, and it is a shame that he/she should be made to come out and show face? OLP has probably made Stui look at each and everyone within his family and friends twice, and wonder who is giving away all his corrupt secrets? The PM has one thing that will save him, that is, to come clean and answer all of the questions of corruption that OLP has tabled with only factual truth! I could see two possible outcomes for OLP (the self named spirit), if Stui and his cronies tables the factual truth and/or remain silent (1) OLP will disappear into the horizon once the truth is known (2) OLP will remain to guide the people through a transition of ‘power change’, due to the continuous lies and corruption of this HRPP Party. Unfortunately someone is going to pay for this upheavel and it ain’t going to be OLP or the non-corrupted 95% of Samoans living in Samoa! Thank you for breaking down and analyzing OLP’s logic; and re-confirming that the fight against corruption, and against a Tyrant like Stui and his cronies is real and not simply fiction made up by a disgruntled spirit! Thank you Iona Tusa.

    • Faafetai Iona. I appreciate the effort you have made to write here. I see things differently in regards to the future and OLP. I see it ending in tears. First when you understand evil you have to understand that those caught within it do not see it as evil. Tuila’epa genuinely sees OLP as a threat to his godly leadership. He considers what many call nepotism, natural. He is a Samoan High Chief after all. Secondly the choice that OLP made to blog and write from anonymity was wise and is perfectly understandable, but this is not the Lord’s way. His way is to demonstrate His power/love through sacrifice. Jesus did not gain all authority in Heaven and Earth from a hidden position – yes, there was a time in His formative years that He remained incognito but in due course, he stood and identified Himself as the Messiah. This means that while OLP is doing a massive work for truth, if He wants to stand for the Truth, he must bring his work and identity into the public realm and to do that FOR HIM. At the moment he is in the dark, doing it FOR THE PEOPLE. This is the difference between His work and mine. Thirdly most people in OLP’s influence see and expect a change in the power systems of Samoa. I don’t. Yes, there will be a groundswell of resentment and increase of awareness of reality of corruption, but my read of the bible is that until the fullness of the Jews and the end of the period of distress there will NOT be peace on earth – to the contrary. Understand that Tuila’epa could drop dead tomorrow and the same spiritual and political forces will keep on keeping on. They are there because they know how to use political power. They will also defend that power, and to the death as well. There is a false paradigm that OLP has manufactured, and it is that “Stui” is the problem. Get rid of him and the problem will go away. This is NOT the answer. I have addressed the question previously, Corruption In Samoa – What To Do. When the people hear & obey they will repent of their sins and THEN He will forgive, heal etc. OLP is correct to identify corruption and brave to speak it out. The problem though is much deeper. The solution is not easy for it requires individuals, like you and me to pay a personal price of humility. Sadly, most of us don’t and won’t. Thank you for your kind words and bothering to respond here.

  3. Thanks so much about every single things that you put down for every one to read with understanding but if you put down in Samoan for the older people of our Samoa to read they will turn the whole family to turn away their votes frm this corrupt HRPP and their dirty work they think of them selves n their families with their own goods now they headed to all the Faifeau s alofa n alofa solotua they need to tax King Kong s ideas he wants to be a miliogea but his a muliogeogea now OLP do not show up until every things sort out and settle down with a best n honest MP.s and a perfect PM thanks so much
    Mati Atoa

    • Faafetai Mati
      RE: your suggestion to write in Samoan – unfortunately I do not speak Samoan. Others will need to do this.

  4. Just came back from samoa and a lot of the youth are reading OLP’s materials and most are trying to convince the older generation to wake up and see what is really happening. Corruption is everywhere and our customary lands should not be sold to pay for all the monies they borrowed from the Chinese to spend on themselves..support the fight for justice for the weak, voiceless, and the helpless.

    • Thank you for responding here Feula. Yes OLP has an excellent following doesn’t he? The younger generation needs to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Should their anger turn aggressive then they will lose the plot themselves. Should they turn to the Lord and operate in the spirit of Christ, THEN things will turn better for Samoa. Remember that the leaders only have the power because of the people. They simply take advantage of opportunities and mislead the others because others have given them that power. This is why democracy and political power is opposed to God’s ways. I fear for Samoa – not because of the corruption but because the Lord is put secondary to all other things, including Fa’a Samoa. HE must come first – always. Thank you for responding here and sharing your thoughts.

  5. Yeah you gotta love OLP for the elevation of interests and peaking the curiosity amongst the people. For these issues, mostly have been probed by Samoa Observer for years from the late Prime minister Tofilau to his current successor Tuilaepa. Tofilau I recalled established and exercise the Libel Act to imprison the Samoa Observer writer and editor for the same reasons as OLP is posting about today, corruption and more. Luck was with Samoa Observer writer, and reporters etc, with the revoking of the Libel Act, he was freed but the government had/has made a strong statement about where they stand with any accusations that trails back to their corruption. I believe when Tuilaepa took over office, he took confidence as an aftermath of what happened. Having given that sense of security, by taking that freedom of speech, people were afraid to broach on Government corruption.
    Not until now that technology has given birth to social media where people can access infos and posts, discovering the shocking extensions of government corruptions and to also freely express themselves in regards to these issues. So I applaud OLP for doing so and being anonymous about it is clever aswell, but the message is out there, the people had been sceptical bout them and now they are put to rest. Knowing the truth is always a start to finding the solutions. The resolve might be unpredictable though but atleast the PM knows the people are stiring and talking. The concern about their very livelihood being at stake and the belief that the Government is abrogating it’s responsibility to its people.

    • Thank you for commenting here Ben. You raise a lot of good points:
      1. Raising awareness; piquing interest . . . yes 100% top marks to OLP
      2. Samoa Observer being lucky . . . Sano is an opportunist and a fraud. He presents himself as a fighter for justice, but he’s interested only in himself, his ego & making money. He’s dishonest, racist & a hypocrite. I don’t call that lucky. I call that greedy self-interest. His tabloid has gone soft on the government & the sting has gone out of his fire as he has aged and probably (around about the last couple of elections) done a deal with the devil.
      3. Fear of government – yes. Agreed.
      4. Impact of Social Media – yes. Agreed. This has also been more pronounced for Samoa than in the rest of the globe because of the huge cultural, age & technological gap between Samoans on-island and those off-island.
      5. OLP’s anonymity – this is a two-edged sword Ben. It has worked very well to date but OLP will lose when they get him, and they will. He has a limited opportunity to turn things to his advantage strategically. I hope he can alter his style and conduct in the new environment. Otherwise he will be a spent force. I’ll be blogging about this more in due course.
      6. The people stirring and talking – I think the PM knows the people very well. He’s cold, calculating and a politician. He has the power and will use it. I think, worried and concerned, but not overly so. Remember that he’s been there a VERY long time!
      7. Government responsible to the people – No. I don’t think you understand politics and the way that Power & Money really works. When you vote a politician into power you empower them with authority to rule you. This is the nature of a vote. It is a prayer. It says, “Even though He gave me dominion over my family and my responsibilities, I don’t trust God. I wish to entrust man and man’s democratic systems.” It is exactly the same temptation that Adam and Eve faced in the Garden of Eden. They fell for it and the entire Western world (including Samoa) has fallen for it too. Politicians lie as a core part of their conduct. Theft comes alongside of deception. The government will ALWAYS create systems of power; or enslavement; laws & taxes that oppress. That is what governments do and always have done. That is what the prophet warned when Israel wanted a King. To think that something that God cursed and said is outside of His ideal is responsible to the people is an insult. OLP is dead right on this – the people give him the power he has. They are fooled. God has a far better way!

      Thank you for commenting here Ben.

  6. End of the day. OLP loves his Samoa. His island His people. If it takes a behind the scene as a ghost writer. So be it. If the people of Samoa don’t come out and, voice their opinion. Then what?. Live under some guy and his government. To be scared. To not have a right to answers that the goverment should be answering. Maybe we need to do a protest here in aotearoa to show the people of Samoa. We and all the world know THE GOVERMENT of Samoa are totally 100 per cent CORRUPT.

    • Hi Aniva and thank you for commenting here. I agree that OLP loves Samoa. One cannot do what he has for as long as he has without passion. This is remarkable and he is getting the reward now for his commitment. You ask about the alternatives. My answer is not a Palagi answer, nor a Fa’a Samoa answer but a wish to turn people to the Creator and what He wants. The idea that the government is corrupt is not new to most Samoans. My take is that 80% of all Samoans know that things are crooked in Samoa. People on-island find this normal. Those with foreign cultural experience find it obnoxious (and rightly so too). I think what has happened in the last decade is that people have come to realise much more clearly HOW corrupt the country and its leaders are. This is good. We have all had a role in this increased understanding. But the question for me is then . . . and? Anything that spreads the truth is good, and healthy. I actually do not approve of booting the bad boys out, or trying to because you only get more of the same and they are unknown, so the cycle repeats. What I do approve of is encouraging everyone to turn back to the Lord and listen to and do what He wants. Just one person listening to the Holy Spirit, actually DOing what He wants them to and paying the price (even unto death) gives the Lord 1,000x more opportunity to work His magic in Samoa than 1,000x people marching for show. Remember the largest march of protest in Samoa’s history? What was it against? And did the side we drive on in Samoa change despite the march? Yes! And why? Because the old man had the power and he used it. Likewise with his massive secret mansion in South Sydney that I think one of his sons is looking after and caring for. Do you think that he will suddenly quit this and stop corruption now just because a few people march? Nope! Sure, march by all means but the credibility that I have, having paid such a high price for going to Samoa, being obedient to His calling for seven years, and then getting booted out illegally by a corrupt Prime Minister because I threatened to reveal his Mistress is huge. The same with OLP. We must pay the price – even to the point of martyrdom, and let the Lord do the real work. More on this in due course but thank you for contributing nonetheless.

  7. From the Tipline:
    > From: Samoa
    > Subject: Get a job
    > You are nothing but a small monkey brain of a short sighted loser that was deported from Samoa.
    My reply:
    Pot; kettle. The thing is sir, [I presume], I have the b*lls to identify myself. You don’t. Monkey brain vs a coward? I’ll go with the former any day.
    Thanks for reading nonetheless. Bye bye

  8. To the coward that wrote to you Dennis, don’t come on here and comment such rubbish, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it, keep your opinions to yourself.

    I have been following OLP, and I support everything that has been mentioned in regards to the corrupt PM, his minister’s in Govt and family members. We need to act now, we need to address this to the elderly people of Samoa, we need to protest his position and annoint an educated, intelligent candidate who can run Samoa in a proper fashion, with morals, of family values, respect, common ground with our people, we need a born leader, with a vision with direction, a bright future, and to make our country prosper.
    I have had enough of this greedy self centred idiotic individual whose only goal in life is to feed his own fat ego, abuse his power, use and abuse any monetary gifts, living like he’s the king of Pop, when he’s the King of Flop, uses bribery as a means of control and the list just goes on…..
    I honestly don’t know how he can sleep at night knowing that he has only dug a bigger hole for himself, how sad would that be, to know that, you as PM will be exposed for what you have done in the two decades. Why our people of Samoa are suffering, why the economy is slowly fading. I cannot recall anything extravagant or in good deed that this man has produced for Samoa. And I gladly applaud OLP and all the supporters out here in Aus, NZ and abroad to expose, dispose this individual for who he really is, who ever you are, keep up the good work.

    Time to oust this incompetent loser for good. Samoa deserves a leader with compassion, respect and vision.

    • Hi Evelyn
      Thank you for posting your thoughts here.
      About the first loser & coward . . . sadly trolls abound online. I love responding to them in kind. Thanks for your support.
      About the second loser & coward, the ‘old man’ I don’t think I’ve seen a more “typical” response than your word here, and if you don’t mind I’ll summarise them and amplify them in a separate post . . . indignation, desire for exposure, for change, to understand and for the best of Samoa.
      Blessings . . .

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