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  1. I came across your blog and was interested and glad to see someone highlighting the corruption of Samoa’s PM. However, I quickly became depressed by your constant generalising and stereotyping of Samoans simply because you lived there for 7 years. You lived there for 7 years but that does not make you an authority. You speak of pride but even the name “Palagi Perspective” and the constant put downs of Samoa smells of arrogance. You say Samoans are violent but surely a man of your intelligence wouldn’t write a sweeping generalisation like that? (Being born and raised in a very ‘conservative’ town in the South Island, it would be like me saying all Palagi are racist, yourself included ) I am glad to say that many Samoans are waking up to the fact that it is not ok to be violent. You claim to be a Christian but your writing is full of judgements and swearing all over your blog. Pride you say is the achilles heel of Samoa but it is the same in Western Society. You could also say greed and outright theft is the root of New Zealand’s illegal acquisition of Aotearoa. That also transferred to Samoa when NZ governed Samoa and attempted to systematically break down FaaSamoa, setting up native courts and charging and convicting Samoans of fictitious crimes. The very missionaries that set up the Church in Samoa, do I need to remind you that they were the ones that told Samoans that children needed to be disciplined as this is the way of the Word. Prior to missionary contact, an adult and child relationship was actually Tapuia, same as in Te Ao Maori, the relationship was Tapu. But I get the feeling that your pride won’t admit to that. That it’s all our fault? Yes Samoa has a shameful domestic violence problem, a corruption problem, sexual abuse problem, now drugs problem, rising prostitution problem, the list goes on, but what about New Zealand, or America or Australia or England? Are you going to try and tell me that Samoans per populace are more violent than your typical Palagi? Well I put this to you, as a criminology graduate I can tell you for a fact, you as a Palagi are 80 – 90% more likely to be a child sexual offender than any Pacific Islander. Stats are there to prove it. I can also tell you that Pacific Islanders also have the lowest recidivism rates in NZ. Why? the church and the family structure has alot to do with this. But, I also don’t have to tell you NZs shameful suicide stats, alcohol, domestic violence, depression, rising meth addiction, bullying etc. Come on, if you’re a true Christian brother, stop with the hate on Samoan people, at the end of the day evil comes from one place/person and the evil one is non-discriminant of colour or creed. Your personal battle with the PM has made you bitter against Samoans in your writings. It’s a shame because you clearly once had a love for my people.

    • Thank you J for reading and covering so much in your comments. Because your comments are important and cover so many subjects I will respond in greater detail with a separate post. Briefly though, I acknowledge the difficulty with generalisations; I accept that human nature is the same across the planet with cultural influences differing; I acknowledge bitterness with the Old Man [I call him a coward]; I think your feelings and assumptions regarding my inability to self-diagnose or humble myself are totally wrong but I stand behind the essence of my blogging of the Samoan culture as seen from a Christian perspective. The “shame” you mention is not that I once had a love for your people and lost it; it is because I care and love your people that I do what I do. The “shame” is that what I now say is worse than previously because my eyes have been opened. Indeed I believe that I am an authority because of my deep cross-cultural experiences over seven years. Some call me a national treasure, maybe not always right but my strong opinions come from real experiences, a large dollop of faith and cold logic applied on to fact. My blogging has matured over the years as I have come to know, see and understand what the reality is. It is therefore more potent; more damning/condemnatory and hopefully more useful for those who care and who seek to work with the truth. My blogging is not about helping you feel good, J; nor is an ego trip for me personally; it is about speaking forth the truth regardless of the consequences to me personally and regardless of the outcome, which as a Christian I trust the Lord to do what He wants with. This is (as I understand it) the role of a true prophet. As I said, I will reply in greater detail to your various points in due course. Thank you again for bothering to put pen to paper.


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