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  1. https://www.google.co.nz/search?q=asx%3Abps

    Bartercard (ASX:BPS) shares take a still further dive as the rats leave the sinking ship. The Dump from the Pump & Dump is well underway. The next step here is they say “Oh dear, we’ve run out of cash” . . . then watch what happens. This is a typical asset strip underway in broad daylight. Watch for BPS to get stripped of the Bartercard brand and clientbase and the Smiles in Suits to be right there ready to pick up a bargain . . . totally predictable – they’ve done it this way for decades!

    How do you describe these goons? Sharks is too nice a word. White collar criminals is more accurate. Crooks a little more expressive. Smiles in Suits is my favourite.

  2. From 84c to 56c in only days is a majorly serious hit. The Directors were accused of insider trading and many other indiscretions. Trevor Dietz took a fall. I can assure you that his departure was not voluntary as according to him all things were rosy with ASX:BPS and he’s been fronting this fraud for the bad guys. He got caught with his pants down and now that the market is getting wise to his skullduggery. Whoever is spilling the beans knows how to hurt the bad boys, that’s for sure. Sell people. Sell and get out while there is still some sucker prepared to buy this penny-stock in the making.

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