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  1. My husband and I moved and retired to Samoa five years ago and I didn’t know much of Samoa only what I was told by my parents and hubby. I had always considered Samoa as this beautiful island of paradise and considered living here is a dream. But as I listen to numerous bloggers and their disappointment at the government and the leader, I thought I will register to vote and vote these people out of office. Not, there system of government is what blows me away. There is no way to get these people out of office. So, I heard of Ole Palamia and decided to follow him and see what he has to say. To my surprise, he was exposing the PM and his HRPP party of what amounted to years of corruption. I haven’t been here for the years of corruption by this PM but I now live here and I don’t agree with some of these laws that he just passes without any input of anyone, not even his own party.
    Let me just say, that for the last five years of living here, this PM has been very disrespectful, arrogant and the way he talks to people whether it be on TV or radio, he is an ass.
    I support the movement in regard to the land and title and would march for this on the 17th of December. But let’s see if his supporters will walk the talk.
    Thanks for your time.

    • Thank you for commenting Dianna. I endorse anyone marching, especially government employees and I am happy to help expose corruption if anyone does get fired for marching. But having a say in the spirit of rebellion is simply perpetuating evil. I’ve blogged about the solution to turn to Him. Blessings.

  2. It’s 1:38am in our time and I have to wake up reading this. You have had speak my mind in regards of Justice, Peace, Freedom, Future, Fairness for all individuals and recognition. I believed now my big brother is talking from his grave alright, if any of you recalled his unfairness dismissal from Polynesian Airline after 30 years of long service after his passing. I’m still not over him, I missed him so, so much and the leads of his deaths caused by stressed and depression. If any of you recalled our STANLEY HOME AT SAVALALO CASE BETWEEN OUR OWN FATHER SISTER FROM WELLINGTON, NZ VS MY MOTHER/ SIBLINGS! THE AGONY AND SUFFERING THAT I AND MY FAMILY THROUGH. IT WAS VERY DIFFICULT AND VERY DISTURBING. Obedience towards my mother why I changed my Testimony Speech on my brother’s funeral ae o le a o’u aloalo e fai le Polynesia Airline i le ofe
    Whoever is Accountable for the cause of his death? I absolutely SALUTE you! A lea ua revealed mai e le Atua ma faagagana ina tagata i le mea leaga sa fai nei e tagata LEAGA. It’s a long story but this is just briefly my painful story.

    • I hope it is a change in individuals lives, Moana. That is the solution. Expose the crooks by all means, but doing the right thing for His sake is more important.

  3. I too have been following OLP since 3 months after I first read his writings about the assassination. That was a chilling read and it drew me in as I did recall hearing something about this murder years ago when my parents were alive. I couldn’t believe it then and I still can’t believe now that a “mafia style” of settling a score could be used in our Samoa political arena, let alone a Samoan to another. It is therefore no surprises to me what I have read from OLP’s revealings of corruption and dirty deeds this bloke has dished out for decades. Ican go on venting out my anger here, but the first time I saw this “lunatic” (OLP’s names) one of many which best sums up this lowlife.. see I lost all respect when I first saw him being interview by Australia 60 minutes regarding – the rape of an Australian woman by an escaped prisoner from Tafa’igata. I was dumbfounded, disgusted + most of all so embarrassed as a Samoan that I had to post on my fb to my friends as most of them are papalagi Aussies. I wanted them to know that the prisoner and the PM were both disgusting and both an embarrassment to all Samoans! These 2 guys do not reflect the True Samoan values + beliefs to care and treat each other with love and respect. This is extended to our neighbors and anyone else especially visitors to Samoa. If anyone watched that 60min interview, you would agree he is a total ‘aivalea + some other olp said he eats lols lols.. My first impression was he didn’t care about the woman, he couldn’t answer what happened to all the millions of aids from Australia how the most dangerous prisoner got out + raped a woman infront of her husband? What was Kui’s blubbering reply? Oh well maybe they should’ve stayed in a hotel in Apia town not gone out to stay somewhere else. . I have to agree with all the names OLP calls him. The bloke is a BULLY!! Oh I heard recently my village Matais blocked the road so DOG couldn’t cross haha because the crazy lunatic/bully called them names + stupid so n so’s… I’m hoping they will be marching infront with OLP and others on the 16th. I’ll be marching with you from Australia and in Spirit to support a better future for our Samoa. To stamp out the bullies in power running the country down. SAMOA MO SAMOA indeed.

    • Malo Taofi and thank you for bothering to put your thoughts down here. I’m an investigator. I care. I went to Samoa with an open mind and after seven years very hard yakka, I have come away convinced that Samoa represents hypocrisy and deceit to the world far better than it does truth and love. Palagi who know the real Samoa call it a land of Sunday Christians. Samoans from off-shore themselves call it “all for show”! OLP and his followers call it corruption. From a biblical perspective it is simply human nature – greed, self-interest, sin, pride. With increasing belief that Tuila’epa either ordered or at the very minimum knew about the political assassination beforehand, the feelings of being “chilling” as you put it MUST gain headway. When this occurs, watch those that live by violence and deception exercise their craft. It is sadly, war. You also clearly need to come to terms with reality in Samoa better. While you may extend a welcoming mat, demonstrate love and grace and goodwill, you are in the minority in Samoa if you do. This is reality up there Taofi. I gave a detailed commentary at the time of Tui’s disgrace on 60 Minutes. I was privileged to be counseling Tui at the time that John Campbell challenged him. Tuila’epa does not understand the Palagi ways and is too proud to take counsel. That one interview, in my opinion, has done more to destroy Samoan tourism and goodwill than anything else he or the government has done in the last 50 years. Australians to a man turned at that point from questioning whether there was truth in the claims that there was missing Tsunami money to a clear belief that Tuila’epa WAS the problem. Your disgust at his performance, attitude and how he presented Samoa is widespread. Claims of his involvement in the assassination will put him on par with Mugabe in many peoples’ minds now. It is a very serious situation for him and for Samoa. I would though like to draw to your attention my plea for all in and associated with Samoa to turn to the Lord, not to worship Samoan culture. He alone has the solutions – not your culture.

  4. We are with you all in prayers. Please people of samoa don’t give up or give in to evildoers but let’s stand together as one in Christ Jesus. Manuia le aso faamoemoe OLP and all the supporters. God bless you all xx

  5. I pray for my beautiful Samoa n one day all these crooks will answer to God. What I don’t understand is why people keep voting them in. If there’s too much corruption petition to have the Government dissolved. Samoa it is important to have freedom, to be able to arm oneself to protect your country, family as well as yourself from tyranny and oppression, murderers n thieves .’PEOPLE POWER ‘

    • No. People power got Samoa what it has! Crooks. People-power is a deception and a temptation. You need God power and you only get that from choosing humility to hear and willingness to obey. Sorry to burst your bubble Denis. Please think about it. Passion is good but not when it leads you astray. Please read my advice elsewhere on how to save Paradise.

  6. Dennis,

    I have to thank you for your contribution to these issues. I believe that you were treated unfairly by Tuilaepa Malielegaoi. Many are reading your blog for insights and I can tell you that your words carry a lot of weight. What amazes me is the blackout on media coverage in Australasia about this Dictator. Keep up the good work and I will be following all of your work in future.

    • Thank you brother! You have me ROFL with the understatement of the year there: “treated unfairly by Tuilaepa Malielegaoi”. I agree that my words carry a lot of weight but may I ask you why this is so? I think it is because I have paid a huge price, personally and this sacrifice brings credibility. In an upcoming post I will be sharing more about the march and why it will fail. In part is because Samoa is not yet ready. Yes, for sure . . . march by all means . . . get the word out, but the things of God always come from sacrifice, and I don’t see Samoans yet dedicated to Him. Samoa Mo Samoa – sure! Exposing Tuila’epa and HRPP yes, this is the current state of Samoans’ minds but doing it all because of Him, no. I do not fear loss of the lands. They have already gone. The deed is already long done. They simply CANNOT reverse this even if they wanted to (which they don’t) and I will explain why this is so shortly. The people, sadly (like the Israelites before them) need to learn the hard way. It was 40 years in the desert that a proud and rebellious generation needed. I very much suspect that this coming generation will make the same mistakes, thus repeat history. Faafetai for responding here. I respect your work too FSM Taua.

  7. I had not been on any social media sites for political reasons but had to join FB to follow OLP. I am so glad I did. Very enlightening. I was so interested in what OLP was posting because I could sense the terror in TUILAEPA. GOD WORK.

    • You mean “GOOD WORK”?
      Yes Wendy, the PM is worried. Unfortunately he is also a powerful and astute politician with access to massive resources by way of International interests. Understand that TPTB have no hesitation in using force – none at all. In fact their attitude is that conflict assists their cause – they call it “order out of chaos”. The laws are already in place so that the UN can bring in peace-keepers who will ensure that their Agenda is complied with. Tuila’epa’s Samoan side will want to negotiate or talk the situation through but at the end of the day the land has been sold.
      Thank you for commenting.

  8. So far so good, now I’ll support to change the Prime Minister and government. The Samoan people’s a suffer villages, communitys,church and familys .
    Thank you

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