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  1. […] Misunderstanding/moral do-gooders will doubt, attack and mistrust the moment you set up operations. Suspicion is normal for things we do not understand. The nature of your operations in tax minimisation (or even tax elimination) will inevitably raise questions. Think about your own response when somebody comes a-knocking on your door with a request for donations to the next ‘worthy cause’. “Where is this going to end up?” is a very valid questioning process. Understand also that you will be needing to address naysayers and doubters. Our Samoan operations continued doing amazing things for seven straight years and a large portion of the Samoan government is still agin us! Think primarily of those whom you are working with and for through your Charitable Trust. They are the ones that matter, aren’t they? I get feedback on a daily basis from those that our operations touch and the little people know the score. They can tell! […]

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