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  1. Your scheme sounds very interesting;
    “1. A company and a Charitable Trust work together; ”
    Does it only work in New Zealand.
    I live in the UK and do not know if this would be acceptable in UK law. I want to start a charity for disabled musicians and educating them as well as the general public.

    • Hi Nora
      Thank you for commenting here. It’s not a scheme more a principle. Yes the principle whereby a company and a CT can work together for mutual benefit is sound. What you have to do though is be very careful for the benefit to be tangential not direct benefit (which is illegal in most jurisdictions as it is a form of direct trading to avoid tax). What you have to do is remove the benefit gained from the tax-free actions from direct correlation to the business entity. NZ’s IRD has good guidelines on this – what is acceptable and what is not. Seek out advice from Her Majesty’s Tax Service. They will be sure to make it clear somewhere. Assume the worst and plan to use the laws to your benefit – that’s just being smart.

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