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  1. The Samoan Government Facebook page gives the PM’s response – it’s all a forgery.

    Talamua (a pro-government mouthpiece) reports the PM’s denying authorship of this letter [http://www.talamua.com/pm-instructs-officials-to-investigate-author-of-fraudulent-letter/]:
    Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi says the letter is defamatory and his signature was forged

    By Staff Reporters

    APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 08 FEBRUARY 2018: The Prime Minister has instructed his officials to investigate and identify the author of a letter published on facebook over the weekend that implicates the PM as involved in a further “mission” after the assassination of a Cabinet Minister in 2009.

    Tuilaepa told the media that the letter is defamatory and his signature was forged and he places no importance on it.

    Dated November 2007, the letter has Auelua T at the top which Tuilaepa said refers to him but he was only bestowed the Auelua title in 2015. [A good point!]

    The letter makes out Tuilaepa asking the late Cabinet Minister Toi (Aukuso) in a plan to carry out a ‘mission’ that requires releasing Toi from Tafaigata prison and keeping Leafa (the other Minster jailed for life for the assassination of cabinet minister Luagalau) for release in a later date.

    The letter carries Tuilaepas’ usual signature at the bottom. “Remember someone was jailed before for forging my signature,” he reminded. [The entire letter is in Tuila’epa’s handwriting – not just a signature. Forging and entire letter would be a HUGE undertaking, totally unrealistic.]

    A footnote in the letter referred to Tuilaepa arranging for $6,000 talā to secure Toi’s release from prison.

    However, the sequence of events do not add up as Tuilaepa became Prime Minister in early 2009 and the assassination of Luagalau was in July the same year. [Another good point]

    Need for government to act
    Tuilaepa also told the media that the latest incident has prompted Government to act to investigate the letter. “The government can no longer sit around, we need to act,” said the Prime Minster.

    Government recently restored the Criminal Libel Act to address defamatory publications on social media. A former church minister filed a complaint with police for personal attacks against him and his family published on social media.

    Tuilaepa said he knows the authors and their identities will be made public once the investigation is complete. [Two things here . . . a) Tui talks of “their” meaning that he knows that there are more than one and b) I doubt that he has the required evidence, even if he does have an idea who OLP is]
    I’m not able to answer the questions relating to the date(s) but I cannot see how a “prisoner” can forge the entire letter in Tuila’epa’s handwriting – nah! Along with all the other claims from OLP, in my book, this one has legs . . .

  2. I was deeply into the US politics with the trumpet making a fool of himself but this has now caught my attention as it involves my own culture despite being born in Waitakere Hospital now living in Australia, am I able to find all the great data on the PMs corruption & if not, are you please able to email this great info. Sounds like he’s watching & learning from the trumpet

    • Hi Sam
      Thank you for commenting here. Your best resource for understanding the corruption in Samoa is OLP Palemia, bth his blog and his Facebook page.
      Tuila’epa does not learn from Trump, primarily. Trump does not learn from Tuila’epa. What happens is that the spiritual forces that these politicians submit to guide them, and to some ‘extent’ teach them. It is a subtle thing and not overt so that while some do most definitely know that they are on the dark side, most (and I believe this is true of Samoa’s political leader) genuinely believe that they are right, good, and godly people conducting their lives in the appropriate manner for their people, their country and themselves in the current age. Some of this is cultural norms; some of it is that their consciences have been tarred; some of it is the price of selling out to evil.
      Take careful note of my blogging Sam that the reason that Samoa has corrupt leaders is because the people deserve this. The bible makes that clear. They entrust faith matters to the faifeau, contrary to Christ’s clear mission to remove the blockage between mankind and our Creator, and they impart their god-given authority to their corrupt leadership through the democratic voting process, something that the Lord abhors for it denies Him the worship He deserves. When you worship ANYTHING other than the Father, be it culture, religious systems or democracy, you reap the just rewards of that idolatry. Just saying!

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