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  1. I see that this could probably be said for every nation on Earth at this point.

    • Yes and no Jay
      The sentiment that human nature is the same across the globe but culture differs in its outworking is agreed and well-covered in my blogging over years. The difference with Samoa, and in particular that of Tuila’epa and the religious leaders (in this case CCCS) is that they do their crimes in the name of God – and by this I mean the Christian God. THAT is the thing that riles me, for like the nation of Israel, the Lord wants to show the nations how it is done. Corruption and nepotism to the extent that applies in Samoa from the top down is a total affront to His name, nature and totally offends, let alone achieves the reverse from His intent. I find it sickening, utterly sickening and am really annoyed at myself in retrospect for trusting the Old Man. Thanks for commenting!

      • If you don’t mind me asking why are you annoyed at yourself for trusting Him? I’ve had the frustration at times but probably for different reasons.

        • Old Man in Samoa [or Big Man] is Tuila’epa. It is a semi-respectful and half-slang phrase that the people there use to describe the PM when not in his presence. When I first went to Samoa in 2009, I was naive of political & Samoan ways. I knew the basics of both matters but had to learn the hard way how the two worked in deep cahoots to usurp worship of the Lord. I also didn’t know how straight or otherwise the PM was. Most Palagi don’t. It is easy to look back and see how I was sucked in, I mean when the PM looks you in the eyes and lies straight and in the same breath talks about Samoa founded upon God . . . It took a while but I got it, eventually. I think this is the kind of thing that will happen when the implosion explained in Daniel & Revelation occurs. There will be such a deep seated experiential learning similar to what I went through in Samoa, and in particular with Tuila’epa

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