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  1. I was not sure if I made the “disasters of God” as clear in my comment, so I mean that I have seen them denounce and not lift a hand to try to show any sense of hope to such broken and harmed people. You and Ron did. That was my contrast.

    I forget if Ron or someone else tried to describe it, but I heard more over time more power will be given by God to the destroyer hence more things may sort of…go downhill. But as I remember you and Henry Makow say, in a sense more bad things happen to bad people.

    I also do remember a bit about what happened with Sara, never by what they mentioned but by what you said, as well as I think you also put up her testimony on the site when it was removed from theirs. Good work.

    Perhaps my prayer thing was a bit stupid but I wanted to put that info there because I was in a panic at the time, as you probably remember, and I know Paul did a lot of other worse things building up without proper repentance. Idk maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it.

  2. Regarding PoT, I just ran across the website recently and was quite disturbed after reading many of the posts and comments on it. I agree they are very judgmental of other pastors/teachers and I wouldn’t disagree that it appears to be a cult! Thank you for your exposure and comments on this ministry. I no longer wish to read their ridiculous commentary.

    • Hi Debby and thank you for contributing here.
      > [You were] quite disturbed after reading many of the posts and comments on [their website]
      Your reaction is common to many Christians. Jesus’ ministry too caused the same reaction so I advise intelligent reasoned caution
      > I agree they are very judgmental of other pastors/teachers
      This is, I believe, THE greatest error of their leader – hypocrisy & false humility are the issues that ex-adherents tend to focus upon.
      > [You] wouldn’t disagree that it appears to be a cult
      It is clear to me that PoT operates in a cultish or cult-like manner due to the idiosyncrasies of their leader Victor Hafichuk, but it is not your stereotypical cult. I see it as a regular Christian Ministry led by a man with psychiatric issues that cause huge human relationship disasters. He simply doesn’t understand normality and as a result creates/leaves a trail of human trauma.
      > [You] no longer wish to read their ridiculous commentary
      I can understand that sentiment Debby, of course, but it is a logical fallacy to reject a message or truth due to the bearer. This failure in logic caused the death of Christ. It requires work to do this, and I know it doesn’t interest you anymore, but we should assess ALL opinions and statements on their merit – the bible calls this “testing”. Writing off much of the truth PoT speaks because of one obvious failing is not the conduct of a genuine truthseeker. What do you do for example when you find that your own Pastor avoids taxes, or breaks the traffic laws, or got a little greedy somewhere, sometime, or didn’t quite perform to your/our expectations? Or when one of your friends isn’t perfect towards you? One of Victor’s issues is that many judge him unfairly in the same manner that he does to others. Victor, I believe, has an excuse for his conduct based on his human challenges/uniquenesses – much of the venom or judgmentalism from his detractors however is without good reason – it is often just arrogance in our position/belief and an uncaring attitude manifesting itself. If Jesus does speak to Victor through the Holy Spirit [which he clearly does at times] then we too should make an effort to understand. This does NOT mean that we have to agree or accept his/their obnoxious attitude or ungodly conduct in the slightest – to the contrary. That is one of the things I try to do – hold them/him to account. We should though, assess their teaching on its merits and be open-minded enough to accept truth where it is found. Thank you for listening.

  3. Path of Truth could well be set up by intelligence to push a Zionist friendly version of Christianity on the net. There seem to be many like it. That’s why the denial of the Trinity and the Holocaust 6 million take center stage. Cults are a long-time front for intelligence.

    • Hi Lila & thank you for sharing your thoughts here.

      Yes I agree with your last point. Your comments of the Trinity & the Holocaust are arguable, however your key point does not have my support in this case. Knowing Victor as I do, he would never play games and engage in this manner. My take is that he is essentially an individual operator responding to the Lord directly in the best way that he can; the cult-like behaviour stems (I believe) from psychiatric or personality ‘differences’ to the mainstream ‘normal’ human interactions. Control appears to be cult-like, and has the effect of operating as a cult that mind controls, however the more that I/you/we did and explore, the more that you will see human interaction issues rather than political ones. Note the massive drop-off in support/noise/action with Paul Cohen getting pinged. Paul amplified Victor – now you are basically back to a single sad, lonely, old man. Denial of the three core tenets of Holocaustianity comes to all truthseekers who do a modicum of research. Please keep asking questions. The Trinity is a theological issue that I try not to debate here. Thanks for swinging by Lila.

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