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  1. I am no longer able to post to the Facebook Group Christians Against Usury. My membership has been revoked. Says a lot doesn’t it! I reply to Daniel’s accusations here:

    Daniel Krynicki, IM[not so]HO your defensiveness causes you to fail in logic. You err more than once and do not fully understand that which you teach.

    1. Usury is not THE root of evil. It is ONE manifestation of evil. You teach a falsehood.
    2. You elevate democracy unduly and while it has been actively promoted in the last couple of hundred years to the point that it has become normal in the West, it is not biblical; it is nowhere endorsed in scripture and is accursed. Call this idolatry, worship by the gullible or normal, it doesn’t change its core nature – mankind going mankind’s way.
    3. You utilise ad hominem attacks and talk in generalities rather than deal with the specific issues I raise. In this regard lists of irrelevant scriptures do not validate a falsehood. Neither too does a Preface written by a respected historian/author. If Michael taught the same (which BTW he never has done, either online or in his book), I would challenge him too likewise. Nor does closing down criticism by evicting a dissenting voice from a Facebook Forum!
    I respect your efforts at writing a book but if there is error contained and you cannot accept this possibility, then you are simply an arrogant author – in other words, “I’m right and you are wrong!” I’ve written 23 books but this means diddly-squat if I’m not prepared to listen and learn from detractors. The way I see is it that the cause of your errors are the translation of an example into a higher principle that contradicts His Word. For example, you use one example of unity within one country at one point in their history and call this ratification and then apply this as a principle, which is wrong. God’s Word does not need ratification. It stands. Likewise with the normality of democracy in the world that you live. Because the US Constitution exists, you assume (falsely) that this will be God’s tool for achieving godliness in your country. My original post encourages you to dig deeper so that you can understand. There is no crime in admitting that you were wrong, and correcting your position in the light of new thought or greater understanding. There is however potential for embarrassment and serious damage in doubling down on error if you utilise ad hominen attacks; avoid addressing the core issues raised; insinuate infiltration and perhaps bad motives. For the record, I am simply a Christian who has done the research, who thinks and has the b*lls to challenge others like you, who teach falsehoods. Thank you.


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