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  1. Hopefully you can help.
    It´s in regards to a situation where a supposed businessman and supposed good Christian has left a right mess behind in country that he lived in for several years. Leaving behind debts due to small companies in that poor, third world country. And as he is now outside of that country, he has tried to get other people involved, running around on his behalf on errands to sort out his mess and unethical schemes. The man seems to think he is some kind of representative of God on earth but his actions show he is far from this. Luckily he is not allowed back into that poor country but the wrongs he has done need to be writed, as you might say.

    • Hello again ‘Paolo’. Hopefully you can help. The first thing you should perhaps do is to find the facts instead of relying on gossip from people with vested interests. You trust Samoans to tell you the full story? Then, sir, you are a fool. The only debts I had when I left was $100.00 to Digicel for the last month of my cellphone account which I tried to sort out but they ignored me. Samoa however has a huge debt to me from the PM down. Do you want a copy of the Injunction lodged with the Samoan court where we (a Samoan-registered Charitable Trust I might add) attempted to sue the Samoan Land Corporation for breach of contract? Or the multiple other court cases against liars and crooks, like big-name Tuigamala, or the $100k theft of SWAP property on my forced departure. Luckily there are some people who know the truth – the ones that matter to me, including my Creator. Wake up and smell the roses Paolo or go away and live in your little dreamworld of BS and racial hatred. The only “mess” is that foist upon your people by themselves. All I do is speak it like it is. I dare you to spend ten minutes with me, in person and find the facts. Maybe that would help?

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