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  1. John Barclay has written a book called Paul and the Gift, I haven’t read it, because it is a thousand pages of academic writing, but this interview https://www.podbean.com/site/EpisodeDownload/DIR5459252AMGDS , although a bit cheesy is quite a good introduction. Google also has plenty of summaries of his analysis.
    Barclay explains that the Greek work “charis” translated as grace or gift, is a word from every day life. He says that gifts were given to produce reciprocity of relationship. This aspect of a gift, he calls reciprocity or circularity. This is similar to what you are describing from business. He has many other interesting things to say, too.

    • Thank you for commenting here Ron. I see that the natural wisdom of living conditionally is twisted by a theological approach that God is a big granddaddy in the sky who dishes out at will freely and the traditional evangelical view of grace is a FREE gift given without the need for relationship. It is free in one sense that we did not do anything for grace to be imparted but I think that we miss the boat when we ignore the conditions that He puts upon maintaining a relationship with Him. Thank you for the link. No doubt I will now be buried in further research as a result.

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