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  1. I have since given up to try to talk to anyone in terms of religion whether in person or online. There are Protestants, and now what I call the “Alternative Protestants”. An irritating Hegalian Dialect, one which Luciferianism doesnt even have to try to make an attempt towards.

    However on my journey now my heart is being more soft so that I do not become cruel like Victor Hafichuk who made a Youtube video condemning a 10 year old Christian boy who died in a car crash. Jesus would have gone and raised him up. So who will I follow? I have seen too many stern right leaning “real Christians” fall into hideous amplifications of the Pharisees back in Jesus’ time. He caused a spiritual uproar and looking at what I have learned I can’t wait until I can do the same to all those who claim to believe in Him.

    To glory with hyper-preterism, and may trinitarianism (or the three person pagan god Geryon), belief in Orcus the Greek pagan god of eternal hell and broken oaths, be trampled upon because those 2 viewpoints in particular have been amplified for far too long in the Name of Jesus Christ my Godfather.

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