BOOK REVIEW: Dr Judy Wood’s 9/11

It’s rare that I can rave about something. Judy Wood’s book “Where Did The Towers Go?” though ticks all the boxes for me. It’s a masterpiece in showing us how following the evidence brings simplicity in a sea of obfuscation, guesswork, disinformation and outright lies. Many ask the question “WHOdunnit?” before they work out what WHAT really happened. This book totally ignores the former question and ONLY addresses the latter. It is rare that people start with the basics. “The TV told us it was aeroplanes,” is the usual starting point. Throw in a few dancing Israelis, Bin Laden & terrorism as well as a couple of dodgy “official reports” and you’ve got conspiracy. Some dig deeper and get confused with planes/no-planes; controlled demolition; mini-nukes and more. Establishing the truth though requires mental energy and a flexible mind – I have both. I give this book a 10/10 with only a few very minor quibbles. I summarise the message contained in the book, but first start with my own 9-11 experiences by way of background. [Read more…]

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BOOK REVIEW: Palemia: Tuila’epa Memoirs

Palemia – [Prime Minister] Tuila’epa’s Memoirs – out June 2017

Samoa’s Prime Minister has finally done it; published his memoirs. Due out in June 2017, I preview the book, knowing the man somewhat (having crossed swords with him when I lived in Samoa) as well as knowing the people and culture of Samoa. I also share what will NOT be in it, basically the contents of my book, Corruption in Samoa! [Read more…]

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BOOK REVIEW: Import. of Jesus’ Teachings

Graham Paul’s book The Importance of Jesus’ Teachings, is a New Zealand manifestation of a rising tide of anti-Pauline sentiment. The “Jesus Only” crowd identify conflict between Jesus’ words, life & teaching (Kingdom teaching) and that of Paul (justification by faith). The book is well laid out and easy to understand – perhaps a little less easy to digest if taken in “full-stride”! It’s a book of theology with a powerful message and deep personal challenge. The author takes one side of the divide, strongly, thus lacks the wisdom that balance brings but his message is important to all, nonetheless. [Read more…]

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Gaze Burt’s Terms of Engagement

In a previous post I shared my horrendous experiences with the new people at Gaze Burt, long-term Auckland lawyers. The founders would be turning in their grave if they knew how the newbies up there treated their customers now, but leaving their amateurism and egos aside for a moment, in this post I work through their Terms of Engagement in greater detail, revealing the hidden side to these lawyers’ own sloppy documents. [Read more…]

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Gaze Burt Going Bad, Again

Miles Edwards – Gaze Burt’s Head of Litigation & Dispute Resolution wipes out in conduct over his own companies mistakes. Epic fail.

Well-established Auckland law firm, Gaze Burt, impressed me a long time ago when in an incredible act of integrity and self-sacrifice, the Principals at the time (personally) covered for one of their own when he turned bad and took off with their clients’ trust funds. I now how hard that was for several families that basically lost all to a partner turned crook, and pretty much an unrepentant one at that. A recent engagement with the same company raises serious red flags for me, prompting a warning that with their current leadership, Gaze Burt may be going bad again. Be careful out there people; they’ve got some great marketing, but not all is what it seems! [Read more…]

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Samoan Sense of Entitlement Explained

Samoan ‘Palagi’ House – generally funded from family offshore

In this post I respond to an American who is struggling with the Samoan Sense of Entitlement whereby her Samoan husband of 29 years is caught out by having to cough up cash for his parents back home. It’s a vital subject touching on cross-cultural differences; human greed, misunderstanding and God things. As always, I write from a Christian perspective, God things. Enjoy. [Read more…]

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BOOK REVIEW: The Hidden Tyranny

Whew! The Hidden Tyranny is an in-your-face expose from and about Jewish arrogance & domination (mainly in the States) written in 1976. It’s on the same level as Henry Ford’s thesis in terms of directness but comes from an ‘inside’ source whereas Ford’s is an external critique. I’ve used several quotes from the subject the author interviewed, one Harold Wallace Rosenthal, in my list of quotes. They certainly are, ‘direct’! [Read more…]

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38. The BBX Investigation Final Comments

The BBX Investigation has closed. The book is being collated and the last words are written here for the puppetmeister (mistress really) Carolin McDonald, CEO (by hook or by crook) of BBX International, a conglomerate of companies that I’ve shown to have stolen from their members for decades and who lie through their teeth at every conceivable possibility. I have nothing but contempt for the conduct of Madam McDonald, as can be seen through my final words . . . to her. [Read more…]

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37. BBX Whistleblower: Cameron McKean

In this interview, I give opportunity for the BBX Whistleblower. Cameron McKean to speak. He has a lot at stake, first pulling out of BBX, then doing it the way he did, and then his questions getting out and The BBX Investigation following. His answers to my questions are very similar in style to those we had engaging during my investigation. I think it helps to see another perspective from a central character in the BBX saga. Enjoy! [Read more…]

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36. MEDIA RELEASE: Barter Tax Avoidance Warning

Media Release


DATE: 8 March 2017



CONTACT:,; +64 272 046-112


A data breach from barter company BBX reveals all to the Tax Man

Auckland, New Zealand: A data security breach from Australian operated barter company BBX International has gained the attention of the Tax Man. Investigative blogger Dennis A. Smith confirms that New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has been in contact with him to discuss potential breaches of tax compliance.

“New Zealand has very strict privacy laws, and the IRD will not disclose any details to third parties like myself, but I am certain that BBX members throughout New Zealand will be the subject of their attention in due course,” Mr Smith says.

He wishes to forewarn all barter members that using barter (such as BBX) as a form of tax avoidance can be a costly experience if investigated. “The raw BBX data is out there,” Mr Smith says, “They’ve got it, I’m sure, and if they find anything untoward in there, I’m sure they will be talking to their colleagues around the world!”

Mr Smith says that goods and services received though any barter system still require accounting for GST and Income Tax purposes.  “Another area of confusion can be business and personal expenditure. Using a barter account for wining and dining Mum and the kids may not be a legitimate business expense, and the Tax Man often focusses on these sorts of slip-ups”.

BBX International suffered a serious data breach in February 2017, and members’ financial and personal data and has been available online for weeks. It is believed that the company has not reported the breach to the Australian authorities as required to do by law, but has instead downplayed the significance.

In an email to all affected 88,000 members, BBX International CEO, Carolin MacDonald explained, “BBXI discovered that a server containing member information was accessed without authorization . . . we have ensured all pins have been updated.”

“BBXI has no evidence to date that such data has been used inappropriately,” she explained to the barter members.

Mr Smith recommends that following the BBX data breach, all barter members should ensure that they comply with relevant taxation laws with urgency and rectify any errors or omissions as a matter of priority.

About the Author: Dennis A. Smith is an author and investigative blogger operating from New Zealand. He specialises in providing analysis and commentary in the alternative currency sector which includes commercial barter. His investigations include the international Ormita fraud, the report of which led to the fraud’s speedy closure; a three-year expose of a Dutch scam & his book The Qoin Con that led to Qoin’s bankruptcy for more than £500k; a damning analysis of the Australian barter company, Bartercard which he claims operates like a Ponzi Scheme, and more recently, The BBX Investigation, in which his blogging has revealed serious deception & management deficiencies across eight countries.


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