BOOK REVIEW: Government of God

Ron McKenzie’s latest literary contribution to mankind’s knowledge-base is now out. It’s a solid work containing a good summary of the man’s core teaching and presenting the way things should be, a biblical ‘How To’ of government and living. I summarise the book’s many strands and give it a thumbs-up. It’s a great recap of much of his blogging and writing, with a strong message of hope – a bit for today but primarily for the future. [Read more…]

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BOOK REVIEW: Dr Judy Wood’s 9/11

It’s rare that I can rave about something. Judy Wood’s book “Where Did The Towers Go?” though ticks all the boxes for me. It’s a masterpiece in showing us how following the evidence brings simplicity in a sea of obfuscation, guesswork, disinformation and outright lies. Many ask the question “WHOdunnit?” before they work out what WHAT really happened. This book totally ignores the former question and ONLY addresses the latter. It is rare that people start with the basics. “The TV told us it was aeroplanes,” is the usual starting point. Throw in a few dancing Israelis, Bin Laden & terrorism as well as a couple of dodgy “official reports” and you’ve got conspiracy. Some dig deeper and get confused with planes/no-planes; controlled demolition; mini-nukes and more. Establishing the truth though requires mental energy and a flexible mind – I have both. I give this book a 10/10 with only a few very minor quibbles. I summarise the message contained in the book, but first start with my own 9-11 experiences by way of background. [Read more…]

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BOOK REVIEW: Palemia: Tuila’epa Memoirs

Palemia – [Prime Minister] Tuila’epa’s Memoirs – out June 2017

Samoa’s Prime Minister has finally done it; published his memoirs. Due out in June 2017, I preview the book, knowing the man somewhat (having crossed swords with him when I lived in Samoa) as well as knowing the people and culture of Samoa. I also share what will NOT be in it, basically the contents of my book, Corruption in Samoa! [Read more…]

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BOOK REVIEW: Import. of Jesus’ Teachings

Graham Paul’s book The Importance of Jesus’ Teachings, is a New Zealand manifestation of a rising tide of anti-Pauline sentiment. The “Jesus Only” crowd identify conflict between Jesus’ words, life & teaching (Kingdom teaching) and that of Paul (justification by faith). The book is well laid out and easy to understand – perhaps a little less easy to digest if taken in “full-stride”! It’s a book of theology with a powerful message and deep personal challenge. The author takes one side of the divide, strongly, thus lacks the wisdom that balance brings but his message is important to all, nonetheless. [Read more…]

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BOOK REVIEW: The Hidden Tyranny

Whew! The Hidden Tyranny is an in-your-face expose from and about Jewish arrogance & domination (mainly in the States) written in 1976. It’s on the same level as Henry Ford’s thesis in terms of directness but comes from an ‘inside’ source whereas Ford’s is an external critique. I’ve used several quotes from the subject the author interviewed, one Harold Wallace Rosenthal, in my list of quotes. They certainly are, ‘direct’! [Read more…]

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The Two Million Tala Palagi

cover-600-ttmtpIn this post I announce the publication of my latest book (I think that makes it twelve in various stages of release). It’s a book that exposes misconduct from the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Samoa’s leading newspaper. The book contains a copy of all communications, blogs and legal documents including a $2m defamation case against me. This book is the journalistic equivalent to a single figure salute to a man whom I have shown to be not only fooled by gossip, but also his company to be a routine thief and recently proven a liar acting in malice, self-interest and total disregard for Christian ethics that his proud Samoan culture claims for itself. Enjoy now as I share the background to its publication and more . . .  [Read more…]

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Book Review – Gradido

Gradido – Natural Economy of Life is a prescription for and a description of a currency to produce Nirvana, based on the author’s observations and understanding of nature. My comments analyse the free e-Book version which, while limited, contains the essence of the author’s message. My take is that the author is ‘onto it’ in regards to some currency matters but fails in both his strategy and his proposed solution.

[Read more…]

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Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels

evolutions-archilles-heelsIn this Book Review, I share the core contents of the Creation Ministries International recent publication, Evolution’s Achilles’ Heel. I then offer my personal story and a brief commentary to conclude.

In short, despite the desperate wishes of many to the contrary, no objective truth-seeker on the planet can deny that the problems associated with the concept of Evolution prove to be emphatically insurmountable. Belief in Evolution is entirely a religious activity in line with that of a cult.

This is a book with many strong statements on a vitally important subject. I like the book because it brings all the key issues into one place with experts all taking their best shots at showing the foolishness that continued belief in Evolution really is. These are all more than just body blows to Evolution – they are all lethal.

My summary includes my personal learning and awakening and is equally damning of the nonsense called Evolution, something so ludicrous that it has no right to even be called a Theory. Enjoy! [Read more…]

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Love Live Forgive

love-life-forgive-cover[Book Review] I’ve just read a collection of articles compiled from artists, musos and writers from around the globe. It’s an interesting mix of New Age, conservative and radical Christian viewpoints with the themes along the lines of the title LOVE, LIVE, FORGIVE. [Read more…]

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King Rules

king-rules-cover[Book Review] Rules from the Martin Luther King extended family are espoused by MLK’s niece in the book KING RULES. The book contains interesting annecdotes and certainly some good solid advice, but openly leverages the KING name somewhat. [Read more…]

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