Take a Piece of Steel

A day at work in Q3, 2017 is a change here from the serious. Enjoy! [Read more…]

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Have a Heart, Dennis

Black Beauty montage with mockups. LHS: Rear concept – RHS: Original horse truck now extended up, down and back – Bottom: An early marketing concept on sides. Click to view fullsize.

This post updates my personal situation with latest news from New Zealand – Mr Palemia banned me from Samoa in September 2016, I have been building a housetruck and mobile recording/blogging studio, my [physical] heart has failed and I’m helping others in various ways with my new business, Writing the Wrong. [Read more…]

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Seven Years in Samoa, Now Back to NZ



In this Latest News update, I report that I’ve picked up a local lady with a ready-made family; I find myself living in New Zealand and I’m buried in the middle of kitting out a housetruck ready for some fun and games in 2017. Just the usual bunch of insanity from Samoa  [oops!, now it is] New Zealand. [Read more…]

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Over One Million Published Words

1-million-words-awardThis blog now contains more than one million published words. Here I analyse nigh on a decade or so of blogging and writing; giving an analysis of the contents; a summary of the keys points; highlighting and low-lighting; and passing commentary on my commentaries! By any stretch of the imagination, a million published words is quite an achievement. Enjoy my digital celebration of this in a Q&A format – yes, yes, yes I know . . . interviewing yourself is soooo crass! Too bad . . . this blog is celebrating a million today! [Read more…]

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Genetic Mild Aphasia

Grace - a deaf girl I taught sign language to here at Camp Samoa

Grace – a deaf girl I taught sign language to here at Camp Samoa. She had almost total hearing loss, picking up only the lowest of vibrations of music/buses/trucks/thunder through the ground.

In this post I reveal a personal detail that I’ve never shared before online and quite rarely in off-line situations – I have a mild form of Aphasia. In this post I share the significance of this. I trust that it may help others identify similarities in their own situation. [Read more…]

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Samoa’s Big Day vs All Blacks

samoa-vs-nzToday is Samoa’s Big Day; I’d call it the Biggest Day since their independence over fifty years ago. The world champion All Blacks are playing Manu Samoa [rugby] at 3.00pm local time, their first visit to Samoan soil. This is a huge event here for a passionate people who have produced many of the All Black greats, but who have been snubbed by the IRB for years. [Read more…]

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Year five in Paradise

5-yearsI’ve been in Samoa for five years now.

In due course I will no doubt apply for citizenship and they’ll probably bury me here!

Here’s a wrap-up from 2014 with the latest gossip.

Can’t wait to read it? Sorry, nothing really sexy!

In short, the year was full of investigative blogging – Ormita, Bartercard, IRTA, Universal Currency and more recently the Tradeqoin scam.

The Camp Samoa plantation is ticking over, pigs, dogs and chickens all well fed.

I’m still broke but debt-free; now divorced; lost some friends but gained more from around the globe than I had before and have plans for another positive year in 2015.

There! Now, “what say you savage?”

[Read more…]

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Samoa’s Internet Exchange Point

Samoa’s Regulator, Donnie De Freitas is on fire to introduce an IXP into Samoa. The OOTR recently hosted a one and a half day event introducing the idea and sought a mandate from attendees to push through with the idea. He has South Pacific precedent with Vanuatu successfully implementing an IXP and says that he has the support of an ‘alphabet soup’ of acronymed organisations.

Here’s a brief wrap-up of the first day and my take on it all. [Read more…]

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Another Day in the Life of

Produce from today, clockwise: Pineapple, Mango, Tauaga Flowers, Fai Samoa (bananas) and Taamu [centre]

Produce from today, clockwise: Pineapple, Mango, Tauaga Flowers, Fai Samoa (bananas) and Taamu [centre]

Here is another snapshot of a day in the life of yours truly in Paradise.

All photos taken today.

Enjoy! [Read more…]

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Too Hot to Handle

fb-friendsI’ve recently changed my Facebook friend policy and have culled a whole bunch of Facebook friends. Sorry guys. I’m currently a little too hot to handle and it’s for your own good with conman Daniel Evans out on the prowl and trying to make trouble. [Read more…]

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