BOOK REVIEW: Palemia: Tuila’epa Memoirs

Palemia – [Prime Minister] Tuila’epa’s Memoirs – out June 2017

Samoa’s Prime Minister has finally done it; published his memoirs. Due out in June 2017, I preview the book, knowing the man somewhat (having crossed swords with him when I lived in Samoa) as well as knowing the people and culture of Samoa. I also share what will NOT be in it, basically the contents of my book, Corruption in Samoa! [Read more…]

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Samoan Sense of Entitlement Explained

Samoan ‘Palagi’ House – generally funded from family offshore

In this post I respond to an American who is struggling with the Samoan Sense of Entitlement whereby her Samoan husband of 29 years is caught out by having to cough up cash for his parents back home. It’s a vital subject touching on cross-cultural differences; human greed, misunderstanding and God things. As always, I write from a Christian perspective, God things. Enjoy. [Read more…]

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Bearing False Witness in Samoa

EJ (Force) Schmidt – being charged with perjury

In this Sermon from Samoa I describe the consequences of lies and lying, a cultural norm in Paradise. The root of this accursed activity (as with all ungodly, self-destructive and anti-social behaviour) is always pride. It’s sad that the people with smiles do this so much, but that’s the world we live in eh? [Read more…]

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Samoa Observer’s Big F*ck-Up

samoa-observer-suicide-apologySamoa Observer’s Sunday edition published a photograph of a Samoan Faafafine who had recently committed suicide. Journalists around the world know VERY WELL that putting photos of dead people hanging is something you JUST DON’T DO – let alone with a homosexual! These guys not only did it on the front page, it was full-face identifiable body shot! Interested more in how they were responding to the negative feedback, I read many of the commentaries deliberately avoiding any links that may contain the photo, but unfortunately stumbled upon it despite my best efforts. My heart stopped, the hair went up on my neck and I exclaimed aloud, “Oh Fuck!” [yes literally]. This was a REAL F*ck-Up of the highest order, even for a tabloid. Then the owner of the local rag refused to comment, defended once, then apologised – sort-of! Samoa Observer, you’ve made another HUGE mistake! [Read more…]

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Cover-Up – Samoan Police (2010-2016)

COVER-UP2Egon Keil, recently appointed Samoan Commissioner of Police was billed on his appointment as the ‘fixit man’ for corruption in the Police. In his third week of employment in his new role I met with him personally and predicted that he would have a difficult time ahead if he was serious about that intent. I also warned him to keep an eye out for one matter – my case before the PSU. Since then the cover-up has continued. As of today though I can go public, for today I have the last piece of evidence to prove corruption and a cover-up of actual crimes going back more than five years! Here’s a precis of events covered in the book and the significance of today. [Read more…]

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Why Is This Country So Poor?

samoa-flagIn a recent communique from Simon Black (Sovereign Man), he addresses this question from his American perspective and using his extensive travel experience (120) nations. I take a feed from his comments and apply them to Samoa, addressing some of the curly ones about why Samoa struggles so much in the economic world. [Read more…]

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GOD Strikes Out 2016

global-outreach-dayGlobal Outreach Day (GOD) 2016 struck me in town today, and as far as I am concerned three strikes and GOD struck out. Please don’t read this post if you’re a Pastor in Samoa – it likely contains serious blasphemy to your belief systems. [Read more…]

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Public holidays in Samoa

Holiday Rule 2016 2017
New Year’s Day January 1 January 1 January 1
Day after New Year’s Day January 2 January 2 January 2
Good Friday Friday before Easter Sunday March 25 April 14
Easter Sunday First Sunday after the first full moon since the vernal equinox March 27 April 16
Easter Monday Monday after Easter Sunday March 28 April 17
Anzac Day April 25 (Not a full holiday) April 25 April 25
Mothers’ Day Second Monday in May (?) May 9 May 8
Independence June 1–3 June 1–3 June 1–3
Labor Day First Monday in August (?) August 1 August 7
Father’s Day ? August 15 August ?
White Sunday Second Sunday in October October 9 October 10
White Sunday Monday after White Sunday October 10 October 11
Arbor Day First Friday in November November 4 November 3
Christmas December 25 December 25 December 25
Boxing Day December 26 December 26 December 26
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Universal Deception Prohibits Reason


Suka – a Samoan pig. Dirty to the Western mind but a source of pride, finance and bacon to the Samoan farmer! This mother had four piglets born boxing day 2015 the two girls I will keep for mothering and the boys . . . well, it’s a short tough life as a Samoan pig if you’re a fella!

Cultural norms can be a deceiver and prohibit reason. In this post I share how the symptoms of deception within a society (in this case I mention the two I know so well, Samoan and Western) parallel that of brainwashing and mind-control. I use an old Illuminati Mind Control deprogramming guide as a blueprint for comparison. [Read more…]

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Two Opposing Streams of Power

your-vote-counts-notThis Sermon from Samoa takes a lead from Tuila’epa’s recent landslide ‘victory’. I explain how this achievement fits into the two power structures as Samoa’s 2016 Election results are interpreted by the victor deceptively. The MSM provides shallow commentary as political power opposes the biblical power that Jesus manifested, thus platitudes that include the word “God” from Samoa’s political leaders deceive and are a stream of power that oppose His real purposes. [Read more…]

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