Samoa Observer’s Dodgy Defence

Samoa Observer claims in court documents that they published only three of my articles. Here's just a few snapped at teh library this afternoon - there's more too. Oops!

Samoa Observer claims in court documents that they published only three of my articles. Here are just a few snapped at the library archives this afternoon – there’s more too. Oopsie . . . who’s lying here Samoa Observer? And you want, HOW many million for defamation? [cough, cough]

In a previous post I shared the entire Defence and Counterclaim of Samoa Observer, their response to my suing them for $3,500.00 owing to me. I summarised their defence and counterclaim and explained that there were misrepresentations of fact and that I would prove this by cold logic and evidence. In this post I analyse their court document in detail, providing evidence of their deceit and giving commentary on their less-than-ethical attitude and approach to a simple commercial contract they failed to honour. [Read more…]

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Samoa Observer Sues Blogger for $2m

blogger-samoaobserverToday in the Samoa District Court I received details of Samoa Observer’s defence and counter-claim to my court case where I sued them for $3,500.00. In their documents reproduced in full here, Samoa Observer denies ALL my claims and in turn is suing me for $2,000,000.00 – defamation, oh, and don’t forget $40,000.00 legal expenses! In this post I analyse their defence and counter-claim showing that my original post was dead on the nail . . . the owner of this local rag Savea Sano Malifa not only lacks humility and, integrity but now it seems, common sense. My first claim of foolishness on his part was an understatement. Enjoy as the truth comes out  . . . [Read more…]

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Samoa’s Big Day vs All Blacks

samoa-vs-nzToday is Samoa’s Big Day; I’d call it the Biggest Day since their independence over fifty years ago. The world champion All Blacks are playing Manu Samoa [rugby] at 3.00pm local time, their first visit to Samoan soil. This is a huge event here for a passionate people who have produced many of the All Black greats, but who have been snubbed by the IRB for years. [Read more…]

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Christians & Legal Tender Money

money-crossIn this Sermon from Samoa I explain the nature of [Legal Tender] money as inherently evil as it based on usury, a totally prohibited practice. I explain the significance of this understanding then share the appropriate actions Christians should be taking. This is especially significant in the light of increasing belief that with exponential debt increases, there will be a coming global financial meltdown. It’s a vital subject, one that I believe is second in importance only to the identity of Christ. [Read more…]

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Corruption in SAMOA

Corruption in Samoa - eBook

Corruption in Samoa – eBook & website launching Midday 1st June 2015

After five years living, working and playing in Samoa, I think I’ve got it pretty much worked out! It’s a nation with endemic self-interest, greed, lies and a unique way of dealing with power. In the West we call it corruption. In Samoa it’s called “just the way things are”. Today I announce the launch of a new website Corruption in with a description of what I am doing and why. Pigeons might be a little wary of the cat from here-on-in. [Read more…]

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Samoa’s Internet Exchange Point

Samoa’s Regulator, Donnie De Freitas is on fire to introduce an IXP into Samoa. The OOTR recently hosted a one and a half day event introducing the idea and sought a mandate from attendees to push through with the idea. He has South Pacific precedent with Vanuatu successfully implementing an IXP and says that he has the support of an ‘alphabet soup’ of acronymed organisations.

Here’s a brief wrap-up of the first day and my take on it all. [Read more…]

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Delusions & Deceptions in Samoa

Rural Samoan child, natural!

Rural Samoan child, from a relatively poor family but with in an adults shoes – only natural!

Samoa is a small third-world [developing] country that struggles to get a good grasp on reality. In this Sermon from Samoa I share some recent stories that demonstrate the delusions and deceptions that exist in this country, widely perceived as Paradise, and a Christian Country to boot. Standby for another dose of reality . . . [Read more…]

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Paying the price

Niusila Pola/Pulas - "no good man" as they say here. Convicted rapist, liar and thief. Got 6 months in jail for theft of my compressors.

Niusila Pola/Pulas – “no good man” as they say here. Convicted rapist, liar and thief. He got 6 months in jail for theft of my compressors. That’s his price for a few beers at my expense!

Christmas Greetings from Samoa. According to the man who was supposedly born on this day some 2,000 years ago we should take up our cross and follow Him. In this post I share the idea that we only have the authority to speak, (thus the capacity to affect change) when we do exactly that – when we have paid or are prepared to pay the price, and that while Samoa seems like a lost cause to many, by humbling ourselves we can make a real difference. [Read more…]

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Ombudsman’s logo


The final logo ready for submission. Click for an ultra-high resolution image.

The Ombudsman’s Office of Samoa announced recently a logo competition with an ultra short development period (less than a week) – whew! The prize is WST$1,000.00 which for any art or graphics student would be a big momma windfall.

I took on the challenge and here’s the story behind my contribution ‘to the cause’. [Read more…]

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Change Agents

Conflict in Samoa. Passionate people, with a high acceptance level of violence than in the West, Human Rights are a perceived as an issue to some.

Conflict in Samoa. Passionate people, with a high acceptance level of violence than in the West, Human Rights are a perceived as an issue to some.

In this Sermon from Samoa, I teach that for change agents to be effective they need to have a thorough understanding of the perceived problem before consideration of any plan of attack (i.e. strategy). I encourage them to use biblical principles to work at a low level one-on-one, trusting the Lord to do what He wants, rather than to lean on human-based approaches. Enjoy! [Read more…]

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