This page is a summary of my take on Conspiracy Theories.

For guidance on how to research and divine truth for yourself, see the large resource Conspiracy Guidelines. In general most of the larger conspiracy theories pretty much stack up, proven mostly by the failure of TPTB (The Powers That Be) to adequately answer basic questions, their obfuscated answers and deceptions (lies) but also through the direct evidence provided by others.

Note: this page is a work in progress. Green and Red indicate a solid belief based on sufficient research to have formed an opinion. Lighter shades indicate probable or possible understanding of reality where I’m not yet at a position to make a judgement call. The Theological section is in its very early stages of development with the formatting TBC, although some of the core concepts are solid. Enjoy . . . I hope it helps you too divine truth, or get a good grip on reality.

The Conspiracy

9/11 – The official story is BS.
[From the NWO team. Forget both WTC1&2 that just went ‘poof’ & then upwards in weird dust clouds – focus on WTC7, a 47 storey steel structure that just … umm … imploded in sympathy & the huge voids created in WTC6. Judy Wood‘s damning focus on evidence alone has my vote for a full explanation of WHAT actually happened. Strong Israeli presence through preparation, the event & coverup are the primary beneficiaries of the subsequent War on Terror. A targeted coverup of $240b financial naughtiness. Pilots and Architects & Engineers are all pretty solid too. Ignore NIST, Arabs & secret nukes!]
Advanced technology exists/repressed (anti-gravity, free energy etc)
[Some ‘funny stuff’ in this area should be taken with a grain of salt BUT big business does and has always bought new technologies. Much is NOT released for general consumption, until usually a decade or more after first use. Energy from the vacuum, aether, Tesla, cold fusion – all good stuff.]
AIDs manmade and deliberately spread
[Too many unanswered questions & WAY too convenient on multiple counts]
Alternative/Natural medicines suppressed
[Big Pharma 101. Just follow Mike Adams (Health Ranger) for 10 minutes as a start]
Big brother routine mass spying on populations
[Actively for decades in all countries. NSA revelations just the tip of the iceberg]
East/West, Left/Right divides deliberately manipulated by TPTB
[Called the Hegelian Dialectic and effectively employed for centuries]
Flouridation of water is poisoning
[Ten minutes research & common sense, except for MSM indoctrination]
GMOs are unsafe
[You betcha! Deception & corruption to cover-up & manipulate quality control processes – Steven Druker has the low-down in Altered Genes, Twisted Truth]
Hitler didn’t want war with Britain
[He wanted to work with the Brits against others. A HUGE hornet’s nest of misinformation surrounding WW2 and the MSM stories. Henry Makow‘s archives are an excellent start followed by revisionist author David Irving & IHR, and no, he wasn’t a saint!]
Holocaust misrepresented – 6 million Jews weren’t gassed
[The first clue is the chronic Political Correctness and Thought Police that surround the subject, especially in Germany. It is of course all a total fabrication with every piece of evidence – bar none – proven to be forgeries. There has been an extensive and credible underground research network for decades. Ask the question ‘qui bono?’ and you’ll work it out but you’re wise to keep your mouth shut about what you find. War yes. Lives lost yes. 6 million by gassing – nah! A good place to get started]
International banking cartel funds both sides of the Wars
[You always find the same story, after the event. War is always business first; politics complies]
JFK – The official story is BS
[It was a CIA job. There are some good researchers out there.]
Mainstream Media is fully controlled/manipulates us
[MSM is a business with a distinct agenda. ]
Michelle ‘Obama’ is a tranny [boy]
[Women don’t have Adam’s Apples! Multiple factors of his physique, his original male identity revealed – he changed in late teens – a strong LGBT presence in TPTB]
NWO/Globalisation Agenda will enslave/dominate mankind
[Increased power and control are the hallmarks of the globalist agenda. Also aligns with Biblical prophesy]
Pearl Harbour was known in advance
[Of course! Very convenient for those wanting a validation to bring the USA into the war eh?]
Politicians are bought/controlled by big business/UN etc
[Power in politics is obtained through co-operation – between the UN and other international agencies, business interests and nation-states. That’s just how things work ‘possums’!]
Satanist Illuminati/Jewish Bankers run the world & seek globalisation
[All Central Banks settle with the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. Establish who the private ownership of that entity and there’s the smoking gun proof. The many side-alleys of ‘Illuminati nonsense’ shouldn’t detract from what any serious bible scholar will tell you – Christ refused this Kingdom from the one who had the legitimate keys to it. This reality is the ‘big one’ of Conspiracy theories. Deny it at your peril!]
US/Israel alliance are war mongers
[It’s all about money and business. The US is not called the Great Satan by a large sector of their victims for no reason.]
Vaccines [& many other chemicals] are unsafe and source of illness
[Increasingly used to deliberately poison. Increasing concerns in the last decade and many sad stories emerging. ZERO autism in ALL tens of thousands of Amish children (1:175 is the external ‘norm’). Many more links will also emerge particularly around mental/psychiatric matters. Deliberate coverups]
Chemtrails/weather engineering occurring
[Just look up! Suppression of the obvious, is a sign of mal-intent from TPTB]
Depleted Uranium poisoning widespread and deliberate
[DU weaponry was introduced in Bosnia and ‘exploded’ in Iraq. Evidence in the local hospitals and ex-veteran illnesses. It’s ultra-naive to accept official stories with too much evidence now out.]
Egyptians had advanced knowledge/technology.
[The Great Pyramid (particularly) has multiple construction parameters that indicate advanced/divine design influence. Traditional stories of explanation defy all reason. Probable anti-gravity technology and possible divine purposes]
Einstein was a fraud/plagiarist
[Poor school record. Work history incompatible with genius. All primary claims involved previously announced/published material. Extensive posthumous promotion by vested interests. Widely criticised by his peers at the time and his scientist wife a co-source of key material.]
EMF is a killer
[It’s impossible to prove a negative – so you can’t prove that EMF is safe, thus assessing EMF is a difficult one but I find too much of concern and along with increase stress/pace of life, our astronomically RF pervaded environment fits observations of reality – it’s NOT good.]
Fukushima was sabotage
[Good questions are simply not answered. Serious misrepresentation of facts surrounding the Tsunami, definitely a manmade event and not a natural earthquake. Jury is out on who and why but the usual suspects are high on my list!]
Mind Control techniques are employed by TPTB
[I have some concerns about some of the more weird claims but the core principles of mistrust in TPTB are valid. Multiple sources of control are used, particularly in the USA.]
Man walked on the moon – The official story sending out ‘flying bathtubs’ is untenable especially considering the political benefit at the time. [Forget arguing about the pictures … just ask why they ‘lost’ the plans for key rocketry/reentry technology & haven’t sent man through the radiation belt in the 50 years since. Strong dubious pushback from NASA/TPTB on investigations or questioners is another clue. Entire space thing likely military not civilian. x
Palestinians are oppressed unfairly by Israel
[One of the more compelling injustices from many decades of conflict. It’s hard to put the words Israel, Palestine and justice into the same sentence without using a negative.]
Pope is non-Christian (working for ecumenicalism)
[Sola scriptura. True colours coming out more and more, daily. Again it’s all about power and money]
Sandy Hook/Boston/Madrid/London bombings all false flags
[Good basic citizen journalism abounds. Just truckloads of factual evidence!]
Asian Tsunami was a manmade event
[The location and violence too suspicious for me for a natural event. I smell a rat and have learned not to believe in coincidences]
Mars – The official story is BS
[Too suspicious for me. Highly implausible to any scientific skeptic. Brought to you of course by NASA . . . the Moon Hoax team]
Speed of light is not a constant
[Serious ramifications this . . . research the way that the constant was derived and ‘agreed upon’. Western science is first and foremost a business not open to alternative possibilities.]
UFOs as in flying saucers
Advanced technology – yes, discs and perhaps triangles. Gremlins from outer space – no.
Anthropogenic Global Warming
[All the signs of scaremongering and manipulation by TPTB going back many decades. A subject used to pry nation sovereignty into globalist agendas. Tens of thousands of top scientists disagree with AGW. Daily revelations of fraudulent data.]
Free Trade/Globalisation is beneficial to the participants
[Live in a third world country and you’ll see it inside ten minutes. Just do the basic research and all the usual stooges win.]
Flat Earth A well-funded psy-op to discredit and confuse. [Earth is big and round as is the sun! Doesn’t mean everything that comes from NASA is legit though!] x
Peak Oil
[Oh yes, we’ve already supposed to have run out? Crude oil is a naturally occurring substance as well as a fossil fuel. Speak to the Russians who bring it up from HUGE depths where there are no dead plants!]
ET/Spae Shifting/Reptilian visits from outer space
[Some of the more ‘whacky’ conspiracies. There is too close a correlation between mind-altering substances, unverifiable claims and ET for my liking. Fringe theories with strong occult links.]


Sola Scriptura x
The Sabbath is Saturday, not Sunday x
Usury (interest on money) is evil and totally prohibited x
There will be 1000 generations x
One Anti-Christ will rule x
The damned will have eternal torture in Hell x
We are entering End Times [i.e. End of Time] x
Attending/Submitting to a church is required of Christians x
Baptism in the Holy Spirit essential x
Book of Mormon equal with Scripture x
Church founded upon Peter, the ‘Rock’ x
Democracy is a good, the best form of government x
God commanded the Canaanites to be all killed x
God used evolution x
Jehovah’s Witness unique theologies x
The church will be raptured x
The Mark of the Beast is a computer chip x
Tithing is biblical x

Check out the Conspiracy Guidelines. More into how to analyse the Holocaust.

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