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I’m a New Zealand-based private investigative blogger. I blog from the perspective of a Christian world view, teaching and sharing lessons (sermons) from my life experiences. I care, am a creative deep thinker, am opinionated, fearless to speak my mind and shoot dead-straight. I spent seven years in Samoa returning to New Zealand in Spetember 2016.

Bio – a short biography.

Conspiracy Analysis – I consider myself an analyst of conspiracies. Here is my take on a range of conspiracies (includes a growing section on Christian theology) and my large Conspiracy Guidance page that helps people get started divining truth in the murky world of  ‘alternative’ news and information circles.

Current Ventures – commercial and charity work currently in various states of existence including clickable links to my various websites.

Disclosure Statement – a quick guide to understanding Dennis.

Tipline – Contact information and a response form – my TIPLINE.

The Barter Series – Index to all articles in The 2014 Barter Series.

My most important posts

On the nature of money:

The Perfect Traders’ Currency is my monetary system design criteria. Interest bearing money (all Legal Tender money across the globe) is biblically accursed.- it’s a vital subject, but one that most people don’t want to know about, let alone DO anything about, and specifically for Christians & Money, it’s a real challenge.

On organised religion:

Called Out – The call to leave the ‘Institutionalised Church’, which I initially resisted but responded to when it was clear that the Lord wanted me out. A revolutionary concept to a committed Christian, but one that has been critical in many ways in retrospect.

On the Lord’s purposes for Samoa:

Sacrificial Giving – The core teaching of God’s purpose & strategy for Samoa in which I highlight the supreme importance of giving, but a different form of giving to that which Samoa is currently familiar. A must-read for anyone who cares for or about Samoa. Non-Christians can easily take and apply the basic concepts without the same Christian belief-system. It’s called the power of ‘givers’s gain’ in business circles.

On Samoa Tourism:

Lifting Samoa Tourism – Summary – An Executive Overview of the free eBook “Connecting the DOTS – Analysing the Samoan Tourism Crisis’. An expose in some ways of a small struggling industry within a small, proud, independent nation led by people who lack experience and have little strategic skills in marketing. At times negative and falaistic in my prognosis of little change likely; to some perhaps somewhat threatening due to it’s direct words; yet there is contained within a solid list of ideas, projects and concepts that can be applied easily – from the smallest tourism operator to the leaders of the country.

On the Holocaust:

What really happened? It’s an ultra touchy subject with the fear of being labelled a Holocaust Denier or classified anti-Semitic preventing basic inquiry, let alone common sense. Gullibility abounds around serious manipulation.

From the ‘Criminals, Crazies, Losers & Loopies’ Files (aka Hall of Shame)

Bartercard – An Australian Barter Exchange long on talk, big on debt and as dodgy as they come. Established by aggressive Aussie Wayne Sharp, they’ve finally ended up in my Hall of Shame after a successful IPO to list on the ASX (BPS) in August 2014 based on a very ‘dodgy’ Prospectus. The group is now headed up by Trevor Dietz and a few others who all claim to be poised to take the world by storm. They will do this by an inside relationship with IRTA, another crooked organisation run by people out to feather their own nest. Recommend to divest of all Bartercard credits ASAP due to incredibly high undisclosed deficit spending within their own Trade Exchange going back to their inception. Recommend joining their Membership with extreme caution based on longterm management attitudes. Recommended to avoid at all costs if selling a Trade Exchange due to extreme predatory practices.

BBX – Another Australian Barter Exchange that I’ve exposed as a fraudulent operation – substantial currency devaluation through decades of owner pilfering and deception in marketing. A company in decline with management facing criminal charges and a string of bankruptcies and liquidations including the deceased founder being banned director in New Zealand, one of his daughters took the reigns and attempted to keep appearances up, apparently unsuccessfully with members trading down and out of the system. NZ fraud equates to a $6.9m shortfall in the currency making their barter currency valued at 1.7c in the dollar backing and probably less. Australian operations are bigger but just as bad and Thailand, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong all dead or dying. BBX UK with a 1.2m pound trade shortfall on their own figures and 77% misrepresentation of memberships. Horrendous membership feedback, of course.

Brendan Battles – A former friend, employee, tenant and a supremely talented man more experienced in marketing than most people in New Zealand who was at one time one of the world’s top spammers (actually perfectly legal at the time) but with ‘personal issues’ that brought him unnecessary trouble wherever he went. Brendan taught me much that has helped me lift my understanding of and vision in business incalculably but also what NOT to do. Brendan ripped me off and was effectively hounded out of NZ after some dodgy business relating to mobile spam, and more. Recommendation: Treat with extreme caution.

Daniel Evans – Daniel, with his Ormita fraud absolutely takes the cake for my Hall of Shame. An Australian conman born David James Anthony Harlow 1976 in Ipswitch, Daniel was convicted of crimes of fraud in New Zealand before he changed his name. I’ve followed him since 2002 and wrote the original blog post: WARNING: ORMITA etc that has become my number one hit web page since 2009. That’s because he’s caused a trail of trauma as he has variously tricked, scammed, lied and conned his way around the world for over four years. The Ormita Report is my fifth book (an eBook) that reveals the truth about Daniel – a conman, but also a man with psychiatric issues. Recommendation: Avoid at all costs; No exceptions.

IRTA – the International Reciprocal Trade Association hits my Hall of Shame following defamation by President Annette Riggs and Board Member Rob van Hilten. An Association supposedly out to help their members and represent the industry the current Executive control the Board, have bled their Universal Currency into bankruptcy and are [September 2014] on the back foot as a result of my blogging their corruption. IRTA is an Industry Association currently being taken over by Bartercard with an ineffective and divided Board, and a Membership that is largely apathetic and yet to realise what’s happening to their Association. Recommendation: Treat with extreme caution – the UC Currency is overvalued, unaudited, out of balance by $200k [Aug 2014] and the Association has serious credibility issues with more to come out in public.

Peter Vandever – A talented guy with ‘the gift of the gab’ but highly divisive with a track record that indicates serious psychiatric issues. His MO is soliciting for support as a Missionary, variously Samoa, Fiji and the Phillipines, yet with another side that is rarely known except by those that have met him and/or crossed swords with. I suspect that he has psychological issues relating to the Gulf War but I am and have been mostly concerned about deliberate his deception surrounding Christians supporting an Independent Missionary based on his ‘single-dimension’ (even if originally well-meaning) online information when only some of the real story is made available. Recommendation: Exercise wisdom by seeking depth of information prior to supporting financially. Avoid and ignore.

Savea Sano Malifa – An icon in the small Samoan media industry. He’s Editor in Chief of the local ‘tabloid’ Samoan Observer who ripped me off and when challenged respectfully and graciously to recitify matters made a fool of himself and it a lot worse by telling me to ‘stick it’ and refusing to even talk! A defence with outright lies and counter-suing for $2m on a $3,500.00 commercial claim just to intimidate shows you the real nature of the man. Just another proud, angry, aging Samoan – albeit one with clout and influence, long on talk of integrity, short on delivery. Recommendation: Best avoided/ignored.

Steve Fawcett – A self-confessed ‘God-Lover’ MK with attitude who worked as a volunteer for the SWAP Foundation for a short time, then left a trail of destruction and somewhat dubious business conduct in and around Samoa. IT professional running Red Host 5 hosting but hacked servers to remove posts mentioning himself (very ‘not-good’). Hides from exposure. Recommendation: Exercise caution.

Tradeqoin/Qoin – The flagship commercial trade exchange of a Dutch Complementary Currency Think Tank, (but actually a front) Qoin. TQ is a fizzer and a fraud. Qoin is a con. I warned about TQ’s claims to ‘infamy’ in October 2014 then proved the point by phoning every one of its members to find only 6% of the members they claimed! Their Crowdfunding campaign on Symbid continued using the false figures and an insane Prospectus which the principles of Qoin hurriedly adjusted downwards, asking for 1/3 of their orignal ask, and a million Euros off their valuation (overnight!). These guys are all talk and no trading. A 2016 update is The Qoin Con revealing the true nature of the conmen Rob van Hilten & Edgar Kampers. Recommendation: To investors; write off your investment. To funders: Look where past money has gone and ask questions. To all else: walk the other way … fast.

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