Dennis A. Smith & Prime Minister Tuila'epaNOTE: I lived in Samoa for seven years from 2009 until September 2016. This page is now archived.

The September 2009 Samoa Tsunami took 143 lives but changed many more – including mine – as I found myself caught up in post-Tsunami restoration. This after providentially booking our holiday for what ended up to be just a week after the big waves.

Over Christmas/New Year in 2009/2010 I sold-up and relocated to Samoa establishing the SWAP Foundation and after a series of false starts, have learned how (and more importantly how NOT) to do business in ‘Paradise’. In a nutshell you don’t trust ANYONE here and . . . it all comes from the man at he top. He’s the boss.

My blog, the The Samoa Files has recorded the experiences of this Palagi [Whiteman] engaging with post-tsunami Samoa. It’s now over 1,000,000 words of raw experience – open and honest, always thought-provoking and sometimes deep. It’s not for the norrow-minded or shallow or for the faint-hearted as the words can engender hatred in those who would prefer I speak about some things only in private.

…it all comes from the man at the top.

I invite all my friends, clients and acquaintances to join me and really experience post-Tsunami Samoa. Should you wish to visit Samoa, drop me a note or call. I would be pleased to escort you through the Tsunami affected regions, introduce you to rural villagers, show you the Samoan islands and culture and generally give you an experience of a lifetime! If you want to get your hands dirty and have some Internet skills – journalism, videography, post-production, SEO, marketing and want to have some fun in the sun, check out S.W.A.P. Samoa.

SWAP HQ is located at Camp SAMOA (Google Map):

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