bps-technologyThis is my final serious warning to the public for 2015 about Australian Company BPS Technology (ASX:BPS) prior to my publishing the book and website Bartercard Exposed in Q1 2016. BPS has three divisions, Bartercard, Tess and Bucqi; all of which are losing money. BPS is a simple Pump & Dump operation with the Directors desperately attempting to hold up appearances of what is actually a sinking ship until they can quit their shares in July 2016, and escape with their payout. I predict that their efforts though will be unsuccessful and that Bartercard, the barter industries longest-running & biggest fraud will implode sometime in Q1-Q2 2016. [Read more…]

Bartercard (BPS TEchnology) Shares in Freefall

bartercard-share-fallTrading has just finished on the second day of BPS Technology’s trading on the ASX. Shares are in freefall at close of business with shares 90c down still further from 96c on the first day. There’s a long way to go yet before the market price reflects the true value of BPS, which I estimate to be a liability of around -$3.00. [Read more…]

Bartercard’s Friends, Family & Fools

Bartercard's "NO DIVIDEND" mantra will continue . . . for good reason

Bartercard’s “NO DIVIDEND” mantra will continue . . . for very good reason! BPS is a PIG.

Bartercard has just listed on the ASX (BPS) and the share price immediately dropped. This trend will continue. I advise all investors to sell now quickly, if they can, for the share price will surely only drop further as their various activities continue to come to light. In this post I detail how they secured their funding, following the money and analysing their top 20 shareholders. This is a company that is essentially funded by friends, family and fools. Enjoy. [Read more…]

Bartercard’s Asset Strip

bartercard-splitIn this post I share the technique by which the Bartercard Directors will likely be stripping their companies assets during their public listing. Of course this is immoral, for their current minor shareholders, the taxman and others will all be missing out in due course. Bear with me please as I explain the tricky moves as I see them unfolding. [Read more…]

ASX Complaint – BPS Technology

asx-complaintThis post contains the content of my complaint to the ASX, lodged at their opening hours 8.30am Monday morning 4 August 2014, Australian Eastern time. As you will see by the complaint itself, it is my belief that BSP Technologies (effectively Bartercard) has issued and submitted to the ASX a ‘dodgy’ Prospectus not worthy of the basis of securing investment capital.

The whole thing stinks of desperation, opportunism and deception. Until they present the facts I believe that their IPO should be either withdrawn or suspended.

[Read more…]