The Gift Economy in business

'Uncle' Fata Strickland - a Samoan businessman who understands the gift economy

‘Uncle’ Fata Strickland (with WWOOFers) – a Samoan businessman who understands the gift economy

In this Sermon from Samoa, I share the importance of exercising faith in business and stretching our thinking on HOW to do this by removing the usual profit, power, planning and purpose motives from the business equation entirely, ending up with a bigger, better business based on closer, stronger relationships – with others and with God. Christians lean on the bible for guidance. Economists call it the gift economy. [Read more…]

Lifting Samoan Tourism – 4. Creativity

party-timeIn previous posts I have shared that claims of a crisis in the Samoan Tourism industry do not stand up to scrutiny. Sure the industry is struggling, but this is status quo. I’ve identified people issues to be more important to its health than external factors such as tourism-adverse events and economics. I talked about leadership issues within government and the STA; then advised on the three simple things that Samoan tourism operators should be doing to lift themselves independently of the authorities – undertaking deliberate niche marketing, ensuring strong productisation of their businesses and commencing collaboration, specifically in their marketing efforts.

In this post I get creative, sharing the impact of thinking outside the square, how to turn problems into opportunities and to achieve miracles with inversion techniques. [Read more…]

Lifting Samoan Tourism – 3. Three basics

Lupe Sina Treesort. A new tourism development

Lupe Sina Treesort. A new tourism development

Some claim that Samoa Tourism is in crisis. I say it’s not, rather a struggling industry is just the way things work here in Samoa with inefficient leadership, unrealistic expectations and inability to think strategically. I’ve suggested that it’s far better than to make a small bad business better than to make it bigger. In this post I share more about the three key teachings of the SWAP Foundation, the importance of niche marketing, productisation and collaboration.

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Lifting Samoan Tourism – 2. Vision

sun-airlineIn previous posts I have explained that the crisis in Samoan Tourism was predictable and that ineffective responses to external challenges have more to do with government and industry issues than those of global market conditions or tourism-adverse events. I explained that in order to affect meaningful change, the current leadership would need to eat humble pie and get real. In this post I share the challenges of vision setting – what Samoa needs to do and has failed to do, and why it is so hard for her to do it. [Read more…]

Value Adding

Samoa wants more business, more tourists, more international investments, but making a poorly run business bigger simply makes a bigger poorly run business. [Read more…]

Fourth Sector

The Fourth Sector is a phrase used to label the rising sector of social endeavour that variously involves a combination of philanthropy, faith, goodwill, good works, mission, government, NGOs, and . . . wait for it . . . business. [Read more…]