Christianity – Man of God

Tiavi - The Cross Island Road

The Christian walk is primarily a journey, not a destination. One who walks it diligently can claim to be a Man (or woman) of God.

I write from a Christian perspective. My commentary on corruption in Samoa counters much that a strongly religious society preaches. I pass on the modern phrase that I am a “spiritual” person. I don’t attend church and am a “non-denominational Christian” but as a self-professed “Man of God” I describe the concept (granted, a label) in greater detail. I give examples from my own life of what a Christian man of god looks like, and equally importantly doesn’t. Enjoy. [Read more…]

Love is not the Antidote to Pride

samoa-observer-editorialIn this Sermon from Samoa, I quote a Samoa Observer Editorial in full (that is in essence a sermon in itself). I expand on the writer’s exhortation to share love, interspersing my comments to show that love is not the antidote to pride, applying this teaching specifically to the Samoan context.

Enjoy! [Read more…]

Christian Motivation

Sunday again in Paradise. The day for Christian things. Palagi or Samoan, Christian or not you can’t escape the church thing here. My motivation for relocating to Samoa is in essence also religious. [Read more…]