Going Under Another Authority

Jandals & mango leaves used in a spiritual lesson in Samoa

Jandals & mango leaves used in a spiritual lesson in Samoa

In this Sermon from Samoa I share the philosophical basis for my self-imposed Christian label, “non-denominational Christian” and the significance of what I call simply (here in third world Samoa), “going under another [authority]’. The spiritual significance to this belief system is huge & in time will become much more relevant as the Holy Spirit continues to draw people away from organised religion. It’s a massive subject but here’s a first-whack at it. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Which Church?

Baha'i Temple - A syncretising faith

Baha’i Temple – A syncretising faith

A visitor to Samoa can easily be perplexed when choosing a church with the plethora of churches here, and the mantra that Samoa is founded upon God.

Denominational differences are strong and choices range between the Catholic and the Protestant and a wide range of Protestant options, not to mention the Baha’i Faith.

In fact most visitors (unless predisposed in this regard) are not interested much in theology and will likely elect a church that is recommended to have a shorter service, good singing and perhaps holds their service in English.

The theological question remains however . . . which church in Samoa is right, or true? [Read more…]

Church buildings – great but not biblical

Palagi Perspectives

Samoa Church

A Samoan church – an imposing sight and source of pride

A noticeable feature of the Samoan landscape that always catches our Palagi visitors’ attention is the plethora of churches in Samoa. Depending on your perspective this can be either a good thing or not.

It is rare that a guest from offshore will not make mention of Samoa’s remarkable infatuation with big, bright and expensive church buildings.

Please let it be known that I love church architecture, the majesty of towers rising to the heights, the glorious sounds of church bells in the distance and the enormous efforts of a village to show their capacity to conceptualise, work together, fund and produce such amazing structures. [Read more…]

White Sunday

Palagi Perspectives

Safotu Catholic Church

Safotu Catholic Church – White Sunday 2009

There are some things that Samoa does really well. Celebrating White Sunday is one of them.

I’ve lived in Samoa for three years now and I always get excited when I see the hoopla and pizzazz around the White Sunday celebration.

I’m constantly told that “it’s for the kids!” but I know very well that there are always two stories in Paradise. Let’s be honest about it. Is it not also for the big kids too?

[Read more…]