Addressing Credibility Issues

This post is a reply (off-list) to comments & constructive criticism relating to my credibility on a list relating to Alternative Currencies. In essence the commenter suggests that he’s impressed with some of my work but thinks that I shouldn’t be talking about ‘crazy conspiracies’ on the same website as any meaningful commentary on Community Currencies or my reporting of serious investigations. My replies [interspersed] explain that Alt. Currencies, investigations and conspiratorial subjects are all only a part of what I write about, but that as a straight-shooter, I’m a total package. This works both ways, causing shallow thinkers to bounce off but attracting the truthseeker, deeper thinkers and those like-minded. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Credibility of The Good Book 5

I have found the Bible to have incredible Crediblity

I have found the Bible to have incredible Crediblity

In this last of a series on Credibility, I dare to tackle the big one – the credibility of the Bible, claimed by Christians of course to be “God’s Word”. I first state my conclusions that, yes it is.

I then back off from preaching and discuss the processes that I’ve found to be important in assessing this question, as always viewing things into the Christian world-view and sharing real-life experiences.

Let’s go for it! [Read more…]

Credibility With Conspiracy 4


WTC7, a 47 storey building untouched by planes or missiles imploded in sympathy with WTC1 & WTC2. Hmmm! Credibility? Something is not right with this story!*

In this fourth post about Credibility, I connect the dots between conspiracy and reality explaining how you don’t have to be right all the time and you don’t have to know everything to believe a Conspiracy and retain Credibility.

Enjoy! [Read more…]

Building Credibility in Samoa 3

dennis-blogger-detectiveIn this third in a series on Credibility I share a couple of my experiences developing credibility in Paradise – not an easy task for a Palagi (white-man)!

Enjoy. [Read more…]

Credibility While Investigating 2

credibilityIn this second post in a series on Credibility I share how my Credibility has been gained [and supposedly lost], giving examples of public perception in the investigations I have carried out in the last year. It’s only a ‘black and white game’ to genuine truth-seekers as most interested parties to a given subject have an agenda and this influences their words, thoughts and actions. [Read more…]

It’s All About Credibility 1

refuting-christianityIn this Sermon from Samoa I discuss the issue of credibility, a major issue that underpins truth-seeking. I use examples from my recent engagements with others from around the world and show how simple clean logic, humility and perseverance all combine into the mix that makes something (or someone) credible.

This is important in a Christian sense in that the credibility of the Bible is a core issue – for both PRO and ANTI Christian adherents. I share some funny stories and approach the credibility of the bible from the opposite angle from most Christians.

I think it’s an interesting read. Enjoy! [Read more…]