Samoan Sense of Entitlement Explained

Samoan ‘Palagi’ House – generally funded from family offshore

In this post I respond to an American who is struggling with the Samoan Sense of Entitlement whereby her Samoan husband of 29 years is caught out by having to cough up cash for his parents back home. It’s a vital subject touching on cross-cultural differences; human greed, misunderstanding and God things. As always, I write from a Christian perspective, God things. Enjoy. [Read more…]

The culture war

Palagi Perspectives

The Samoan Flag – carried with pride

The die has been cast in the culture war between Fa’a Samoa and the Western world. In some ways it is sad to see the demise of traditional ways, but there is a strong sense of inevitability that the Western way will continue to make gains on the communal Samoan village way of life. No matter what is done now, the genie is well and truly out of the bottle. [Read more…]

The cross-cultural interchange

Palagi Perspectives

A Samoan Shack – relative poverty can be a cross-cultural challenge.

A Palagi visiting Samoa for the first time is challenged by the different culture. In some ways the South Pacific Island Paradise experience can be quite brutal.

For those not used to the tropics, the high humidity can catch us off-guard. “Oh it’s sooooo hot here!” is a common utterance, as it takes us a little while to learn that heat and humidity are actually quite different. [Read more…]

7. Cross Cultural Partnership

The seventh principle we use over here is a concept that sounds easy but is a real challenge – we require a cross-cultural partnership. So what’s the catch? Well, it’s just darned hard to do! [Read more…]