Palagi Principles vs Samoan Relationships

Construction of Le Vaisilika Funeral business a failed business investment started but not finished with Tuigamala from Faleasiu. Now subject to a Supreme Court case in Samoa.

Construction of Le Vaisilika Funeral business (a failed business investment) started but not finished with Tamapaa Vaisilika Tuigamala from Faleasiu. After six years of nothing, it is now subject to a $22k civil case before the Samoan Supreme Court. Cross-cultural issues are involved.

This post explains the core cultural differences between the Western (Palagi) ways/value-systems/culture and the Samoan ones. It’s an understatement to say that they’re different cultures. They are vastly different and in many ways at the opposite ends of the spectrum. I use the example of two recent legal conflicts I’ve been involved with to show how racism interferes with natural human relationships. My take is that both cultures are guilty of arrogance (pride is the root of racism) hence the dearth of genuine, meaningful cross-cultural relationships here in Paradise. [Read more…]

Universal Deception Prohibits Reason


Suka – a Samoan pig. Dirty to the Western mind but a source of pride, finance and bacon to the Samoan farmer! This mother had four piglets born boxing day 2015 the two girls I will keep for mothering and the boys . . . well, it’s a short tough life as a Samoan pig if you’re a fella!

Cultural norms can be a deceiver and prohibit reason. In this post I share how the symptoms of deception within a society (in this case I mention the two I know so well, Samoan and Western) parallel that of brainwashing and mind-control. I use an old Illuminati Mind Control deprogramming guide as a blueprint for comparison. [Read more…]

Fighting the Right Battle

A thief, Poasa, son of AOG pastor Opetaia from Tanumapua, also cause of enormous pain and incalculable consequential loss to me

A thief I caught in the act, Poasa, son of local Assemblies of God pastor Opetaia from Tanumapua [who BTW told me to “Fuck off!” and go to the police], also the cause of enormous pain and incalculable consequential loss to me, terrorising me for more than three years with over 20x burglaries totalling over $20,000.00.

In this Sermon from Samoa, I share how the struggles to retain identity of adherents of Faa Samoa (the traditional Samoan ways) fit into the global political picture and I explain the deeper spiritual significance of the conflict, again written from a Christian perspective. It is deep, analytical and should be highly sobering for Samoan thinkers. The shallow and vested interests should probably just pass this post by. [Read more…]

Cultural challenges

You can’t bring a Kiwi culture and a Kiwi way of life to Samoa and expect it to work the same. It doesn’t! It’s far better to go with the flow and do it their way. Here are some of the adjustments I’ve had to make. . . [Read more…]