Dealing with an Implosion


A typical Samoan house setup for an established generational family – “Palagi-style” house [right] for living and a meeting and general purpose house [left]. No rates; no mortgage; Customary land makes for good resilience to global implosion EXCEPT for a huge billion-tala national debt that has saddled Samoa with debt-enslavement for generations.

In a previous post I have shared how in His greater wisdom, God lets evil have it’s way and works His purposes around and through the results. In this Sermon from Samoa I share some biblical responses to challenges where the world is seemingly going to pot around us and we can feel that we’ve lost it, or have been abandoned. I think it’s good advice, even if I do say so myself. [Read more…]

Fighting the Right Battle

A thief, Poasa, son of AOG pastor Opetaia from Tanumapua, also cause of enormous pain and incalculable consequential loss to me

A thief I caught in the act, Poasa, son of local Assemblies of God pastor Opetaia from Tanumapua [who BTW told me to “Fuck off!” and go to the police], also the cause of enormous pain and incalculable consequential loss to me, terrorising me for more than three years with over 20x burglaries totalling over $20,000.00.

In this Sermon from Samoa, I share how the struggles to retain identity of adherents of Faa Samoa (the traditional Samoan ways) fit into the global political picture and I explain the deeper spiritual significance of the conflict, again written from a Christian perspective. It is deep, analytical and should be highly sobering for Samoan thinkers. The shallow and vested interests should probably just pass this post by. [Read more…]

Get Ready For Crazy Alright

honduras-flag-in-jailI comment here on a recent communique from Jeff Thomas, “Get Ready For Crazy”, one that I consider very relevant to both Third World AND First World. I conclude with advice for Samoans (that’s where I reside). Enjoy! [Read more…]