Dealing with Evil – the Good Way


Typical Samoan gate and security fence in the Apia suburbs. There’s a ‘good’ reason people have such devices – because of ‘bad’.

Evil tempts us to deal with evil using evil, thus it can be a self-fulfilling prophesy; a never-ending cycle; and a Catch 22. In this Sermon From Samoa I explain how contrary to our natural inclinations, the Lord deals with evil in a good way, essentially letting evil destroy itself. I show this using an analogy of a school-yard bully and the coming political/commercial/financial implosion as another example. [Read more…]

The slippery slide

In this Sermon from Samoa, I work back “up to the cliff” and show how the slippery slide first begins, and show how bloomin’ hard it is to get off once you’re on it. I share how two young men came into blessing, were tempted, succumbed to temptation and then effectively destroyed their futures by retaining a desire for wrong. [Read more…]

Just a little bit of evil

A colleague in Paradise recently suggested that I should learn that in Samoa, “You have to do a little bit of evil to do good!” I bit my tongue for all of 24 hours hours and then we had a ‘little discussion’. That discussion has now been going on for three weeks! It’s Sunday again today and that’s my trigger to speak religious about this pickly little subject. [Read more…]