Christianity – Man of God

Tiavi - The Cross Island Road

The Christian walk is primarily a journey, not a destination. One who walks it diligently can claim to be a Man (or woman) of God.

I write from a Christian perspective. My commentary on corruption in Samoa counters much that a strongly religious society preaches. I pass on the modern phrase that I am a “spiritual” person. I don’t attend church and am a “non-denominational Christian” but as a self-professed “Man of God” I describe the concept (granted, a label) in greater detail. I give examples from my own life of what a Christian man of god looks like, and equally importantly doesn’t. Enjoy. [Read more…]

CIS – Religion

Chapter 8.

The Church in Samoa has been the target of sustained complaints and criticisms going back centuries. Political leaders are quick to repeat the marketing meme that Samoa is Founded Upon God. This is a piece of corporate arrogance if ever there was and a technical impossibility at the same time, for Christianity is always a personal matter, a relationship between an individual and his Creator through Jesus. Corporate Christianity is an impossibility and a [deliberate] deception. [Read more…]

Asking the Right Questions

questions1In this post I give advice on how to ask the right questions. The key to understanding might sound a little odd to some but it is humility . . . it is when we empty ourselves of our own prejudices, fears and self-interest that we can face the truth. This applies in the field of investigation, human relationships and the big one . . . the God thing. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Love is not the Antidote to Pride

samoa-observer-editorialIn this Sermon from Samoa, I quote a Samoa Observer Editorial in full (that is in essence a sermon in itself). I expand on the writer’s exhortation to share love, interspersing my comments to show that love is not the antidote to pride, applying this teaching specifically to the Samoan context.

Enjoy! [Read more…]

Facts, Feelings & Faith

Samoa - a tropical island paradise - with a secret

A tropical island paradise that captures the heart-strings

They say that the longest distance in the world is that between a man’s head and his heart. Put another way, it takes a big man to be able to determine his feelings and reconcile them with the facts.

Talk to most married women about how often her husband tells her that he loves her, and you’ll likely get a nod of appreciation. “When it comes to rugby or man’s stuff he’s all talk and yet the only time he’s able to talk about us is when he wants something”, is a common take on this. [Read more…]

Creating division

church-south-coastStanding upon the bible is a divisive act, even more so in Samoa, an outwardly Christian country but one in which the biblical absolutes are often twisted to fit into the Samoan culture or what people want to believe.

In this Sermon from Samoa, I share about the key divisive issue of all time – that called ‘the divinity of Christ’ and the only cause of rejection that I know there is. [Read more…]

Walking by faith

In this Sermon from Samoa, I share the two aspects of the Christian walk that for decades have really got to me – the fear of being sent to a foreign country as a Missionary and the concept of “Walking by Faith”. Since the 2009 Tsunami in Samoa, I’ve found myself doing both! [Read more…]

2. Vision > relationships > money

In this Sermon from Samoa I share another principle that we have been applying to the SWAP Foundation‘s work. Coming from a Christian perspective, I challenge the Western mindset that giving primarily entails giving money and that more money means more success. God is all about relationships and faith – not programs and success. [Read more…]

Dealing with trouble

In another Sunday Sermon from Samoa I share the words of other Palagi who see things wrong in Samoa and explain how speaking the truth in love creates a solution for a troublesome situation. Doing this helps others to grow and mature (and in a Christian context, in their faith). Simple. Effective. Powerful. [Read more…]