Sacrificial giving

A Tour Guide in Samoa

A Tour Guide in Samoa

In this Sermon from Samoa I share a prophecy for Samoa.

If I was asked to speak one word about the Lord’s will for Samoa it would be giving. If asked to expand it from one word, I would include the words sacrificial, and then in faith, then include it in the context of the Samoan culture, then into the context of the world and finally His ultimate purpose – of course for His glory.

So the entire sentence would be this: [Read more…]

The Heart of Samoa

Gift giving - a pig at Siusega Catholic Church

Gift giving – a pig at Siusega Catholic Church

There are many aspects of Samoan culture that impress the Palagi. We look at the strong family relationships with envy; the personal attributes such as the sporting passion or even (dare we admit it) Samoa’s religious zeal; and the environmental differences like the housing and simple subsistence living. [Read more…]

The Gift Economy

A Volunteer with plantation produce - given, not sold.

A SWAP volunteer with plantation produce – given, not sold.

Samoa can teach the Palagi a lot about giving. The process of giving in the Samoan culture is well entrenched and deserving of credit. Like many traditional societies Samoa has operated in some degree along the lines of a gift economy, a biblical economic system if ever there was. [Read more…]

6. Giver’s Gain

The Good Book says that “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. This biblical principle is the sixth in a series explaining the values that we are using in our work in Samoa. [Read more…]