Short Story – The Eleventh Man

In this Short Story, ten card-playing men find themselves incarcerated through debt. They work through the issues that caused their doom, finding that it wasn’t so much the Eleventh Man (the banker) who was the problem but the tool by which he enslaved them. [Read more…]

Parable teaches AGAINST Interest

Produce from Paradise

Produce from Paradise

In this Sermon from Samoa I explain how the Parable of the Talents is a biblical story where Jesus is teaching AGAINST usury (the charging of interest) not an endorsement of it. It is a misconstruing of the nature of the Creator and His Son, AND runs totally contrary to the rest of scripture to believe that the profiting by money loaned at interest is good, rather than the evil it actually is. Enjoy.   [Read more…]

Mistakes of the Monetary Reformers – 2/5

Mistakes of the Monetary Reformers

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I’ve previously identified some of the errors that Monetary Reformers and Alternative Currency advocates make. First, money is NOT and can never be a commodity. It is at its core simply a record of debt. Secondly pegging an alternative currency to a mainstream, manipulated, inflating currency dooms it to the same destruction as the one it’s pegged to. Thirdly, it is only traders themselves who can and will ever value a currency, and they do this at the point of each trade.

I continue with another subject that is well understood by some (but not all) in this sector. Those who DO get it though, don’t usually go far enough and miss the full story. I then talk about Interest and touch on egos and the WIIFM factor.

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The evil of Usury

Palagi Perspectives

Samoan money – like all modern national currencies a fiat currency

Samoa needs more debt “like a fish needs a bicycle”.

Power and money issues rest in the domain of politics, a seedy world that can be likened to a game of strategy, one-up-manship and make-believe. The devil offered Christ control of this world. He passed on that offer but others play this game well.

A debtor always justifies borrowing money. Who would naturally volunteer, “I’ve just bought a car on ‘tick’ but I really can’t afford it”?

Politicians would never say the words, “We’ve just increased our countries debt. There is no way the country will ever be able to pay it back, but we simply had to do it!” They’d be removed.

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