10. BBX Causes Problems for IRTA

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In recent posts I have explained how my investigations into BBX, a Hong Kong-based, Australian run barter business have revealed criminal conduct on the part of BBX management. I have also alluded to the challenges that those who are involved have in being associated with the ailing (and I posit), dead and dying brand. I now discuss the issues that IRTA face in dealing with the BBX challenge. While it is a simple thing for them to handle – they are bad boys, get out, go – there certainly are issues! Here’s my take on it all. [Read more…]

IRTA’s Defence Undermined by FACTS

I share in this post, a damning response to IRTA’s response to a challenge from a longterm IRTA critic and industry player, Jacob Musschenga. I hold the bulk of my commentary for a separate post. Enjoy … [Read more…]

Qoin Spins Down & Down

IRTA and Qoin are spinning the Qoin bankruptcy. Here’s the latest BS from this corrupt cartel and my commentary. Enjoy the way these crooks are squirming in the light of truth. All of course revealed on this blog in realtime. [Read more…]

Qoin’s Cover Up Commences

Qoin starts the cover-up by closing companies, this one owes 95k - oops!

Qoin starts the cover-up 4 days after announcement of The Qoin Con by closing companies, this one just happens to owe €95k – oops! Hello Dutch Authorities??? Hello IRTA???

In this post I share recent Qoin activity in closing down multiple entities (and that included one bankruptcy) all done since I announced publication of my book The Qoin Con. I explain how the cover-up is underway – tracking this all the way back to the Executive of the industry body, IRTA. Exposure of the Qoin fraud is done here real-time in summary format, but my book gives details and the source documents. I recommend that interested parties in The Netherlands make complaints to the authorities (and I explain how to do this) and that the Board of IRTA should take undertake remedial action against their corrupt Executive who are still actively covering up the fraud. [Read more…]

IRTA’s Cover-Up of The Qoin Con

irta-exposedIn this post I give details of the way that for years IRTA has actively covered up the Qoin Con. I take a stab at explaining their likely motives and suggest that IRTA’s Executive (specifically Annette Riggs & Ron Whitney) have to put it politely, serious egg-on-face now that Qoin is in the process of self-destruction and the truth is coming out. I give a history of their misconduct and end with a damning condemnation of the ethics of the organisation’s top leadership concluding that conman Daniel Evans was indeed dead-right when he claimed that they were little more than an old-boys network [and more]. [Read more…]

Dear IRTA: The Tradeqoin Fraud

This is an open letter to IRTA, regarding the ongoing Tradeqoin fraud, a failed business operated by an IRTA Board Member, brazenly misrepresenting its performance AND having solicited funds from the public by way of Crowdfunding on the back of such misrepresentations. I plead with them to act to stop the rot, before more muck comes out in public and more people lose money as a result of the scam being conducted within their own ranks. [Read more…]

Interview with TradeXchange – Netherlands

tradexchange-netherlandsIn this Interview with proprietors of TradeXchange, a Dutch Barter company, I dig deeper into a range of barter topics, their consistent long-term criticism of IRTA and UC; their conflict with fellow Dutch Trade Exchange operators Tradeqoin; as well as diving into some personality issues.

It will be a tough read for some, as these guys don’t beat about the bush and in that ‘delightful’ Dutch way, they just never give up calling a spade a spade!

Enjoy. [Read more…]

Analysing Tradeqoin’s Membership

Tradeqoin Membership Analysis, October 2014: Effectively only 6% of that claimed!

Tradeqoin Membership Analysis, October 2014: Effectively only 6% of that claimed!

In this post I reveal the detailed results of a two week telemarketing research into Tradeqoin’s claimed “200 Members” from which I derived the 6% Membership figure for the graph in my previous post. I then analyse the response from Tradeqoin’s director Rob van Hilten to questions from a crowdfunding investor who has pulled out [Krispijn] comparing this with my research, and I discuss the possibility of a complaint to the IRTA’s Ethics committee concluding that not only is a complaint very likely, but that a guilty verdict is inevitable. [Read more…]

Open Letter to IRTA Members

In this last post in the Barter Series I write to the IRTA Board Members summarising my concerns and giving the Board notice that they are exposed, personally if there is fraud identified within the Universal Currency system. [Read more…]

IRTA’s phantasmagoria

nice-puddy-tatIn this post I list the four components of IRTA’s phantasmagoria [lit: a sequence of images like that seen in a dream (real or imaginary)]. [Read more…]