Smoke, smudge & smear experts

In this Sermon from Samoa I share my experiences with “Smoke, smudge & smear experts” and show how the beauty of truth gets lost so often. Magicians use smoke to hide things. To smudge is to distort, making worse, something that was created good. Smear experts play the man and not the ball. [Read more…]

Exposing Samoa

The game of exposure, especially from outside of the mainstream media, is one of the paradigm shifts in business, politics and marketing since the arrival of the Internet. Samoa (as well as any brand or business) needs to understand this change, and to develop systems that generate the required exposure. [Read more…]

Marketing Samoa

In October 2009, I wrote a discussion document on the way to market Samoa post-Tsunami. It was to have been presented at a tourism event but my supporting speaker got bumped, and therefore so did I. In essence, I suggested that Samoa had only three messages it could market – one defensive, one neutral and one extraordinarily positive. [Read more…]