Short Story – The Eleventh Man

In this Short Story, ten card-playing men find themselves incarcerated through debt. They work through the issues that caused their doom, finding that it wasn’t so much the Eleventh Man (the banker) who was the problem but the tool by which he enslaved them. [Read more…]

Dealing with an Implosion


A typical Samoan house setup for an established generational family – “Palagi-style” house [right] for living and a meeting and general purpose house [left]. No rates; no mortgage; Customary land makes for good resilience to global implosion EXCEPT for a huge billion-tala national debt that has saddled Samoa with debt-enslavement for generations.

In a previous post I have shared how in His greater wisdom, God lets evil have it’s way and works His purposes around and through the results. In this Sermon from Samoa I share some biblical responses to challenges where the world is seemingly going to pot around us and we can feel that we’ve lost it, or have been abandoned. I think it’s good advice, even if I do say so myself. [Read more…]

Mistakes of the Monetary Reformers – 5/5

Mistakes of the Monetary Reformers

Download the eBook Mistakes of the Monetary Reformers

In this post (the last of a series detailing the Mistakes of the Monetary Reformers) I wrap-up, listing the ten goals in my post The Perfect Traders’ Currency; listing the 18 Mistakes from these posts and summarising the key points.

I then show how the ideal solution works in a practical sense, briefly discussing the key components of Club Credits, a currency deliberately designed and built from these very ideals. [Read more…]

Mistakes of the Monetary Reformers – 4/5

Mistakes of the Monetary Reformers

Download the eBook Mistakes of the Monetary Reformers

Thus far we have ripped into the core functions of money and highlighted some of the Mistakes that Monetary Reformers have made, many of them flowing from the primary error – perceiving money to be a commodity rather than as simply a measurement, which is all money is. I’ve shown how this deception affects many different factors.

I now move into some more philosophical matters. I address here ownership, credit management and confidentiality matters.

I also throw in my take at WHY deceptions occur, show how zero-cost money is a pipe-dream, and challenge people to go further and think bigger . . . we’re getting heavier now, but it’s all easy enough to read.

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Mistakes of the Monetary Reformers – 1/5

Mistakes of the Monetary Reformers

Download the eBook Mistakes of the Monetary Reformers

In this series of posts I detail the mistakes that I have observed within the Monetary Reform & Alternative Currency sectors. I see some intelligent, well-meaning, passionate and hard-working people but ultimately many are chasing the wind. I base much of my negative analysis here (listing the ‘mistakes’) on my positive prescription for a Perfect Traders Currency. These posts build on each other to complete the free downloadable eBook, “Mistakes of the Monetary Reformers”.


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Book Review – Gradido

Gradido – Natural Economy of Life is a prescription for and a description of a currency to produce Nirvana, based on the author’s observations and understanding of nature. My comments analyse the free e-Book version which, while limited, contains the essence of the author’s message. My take is that the author is ‘onto it’ in regards to some currency matters but fails in both his strategy and his proposed solution.

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The Race to Zero


A graphical presentation comparing the benefits of an inverted profit model moving from charging interest to paying commissions.*
Please click to enlarge.

I’ve had a long-term privately-held desire to reduce my cash-footprint to zero (aka living simply, having no money etc). In this regard I’ve used Trade Exchanges, barter and suchlike extensively over the years.

I will still live well and pay taxes and do business and obey the laws of the land, but I now really want to remove my reliance on and use of the decidedly shaky and rather shady creation of the Central Banking Cartel. My desire has moved from ‘back burner’ to ‘front burner’ since I emmigrated to Samoa (as I’ve lived off capital for three years and spare cash has all but dried up).

Many of us, especially since 2008, are starting to really recognise that there is a big problem with a monetary system that appears destined to fail and that “feeds the few” at the expense of the masses. These are actually two separate issues but they are widely perceived as one problem. This is a fatal mistake. We must separate the SYSTEM from the PURPOSE before we can “get to zero”.

Let’s race into it . . . “zero” is waiting!

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Smarter than Barter ~ Better than a Bank!

Club Credits - Smarter than Barter ~ Better than a Bank

Club Credits
Smarter than Barter ~ Better than a Bank!

I’ve just completed an intensive study on economics and the nature of money for a business that I established last year (2012).  For Club Samoa we wanted to have a simple, stable, equitable international currency that was not affected by recessions, global market conditions nor subject to the Money Power manipulations that seemed to be the norm.

The end result of this is that the world now has a true “Open Source” currency available – unlimited Lines of Credit, interest free, peer-managed and as pure a currency as you can get. Ownership and management of the currency will be put in the commons on or before March 2016, hopefully sooner. [Read more…]

The Poverty Mentality

Palagi Perspectives

Palagi visiting Samoa for the first time can be quite shocked with the relative poverty they see. The flip-side of this is that Samoans can view Palagi as a source of income. I’m frequently told, “Oh, many Samoans just see a Palagi’s wallet”.

I can empathise with both views. I definitely know what it’s like to view a Palagi as a welcome source of income when I have very little cash in my own pocket! I can also identify with the shock factor for the Palagi seeing rural Samoa for the first time. Such a different lifestyle with low-cost housing, cooking on fire, limited job opportunities and subsistence lifestyles is definitely an eye-opener. [Read more…]

2. Vision > relationships > money

In this Sermon from Samoa I share another principle that we have been applying to the SWAP Foundation‘s work. Coming from a Christian perspective, I challenge the Western mindset that giving primarily entails giving money and that more money means more success. God is all about relationships and faith – not programs and success. [Read more…]