Maturity in overcoming Path of Truth

I’ve written quite a lot about Victor Hafichuk’s Path of Truth Ministries, either a cult or the only genuine Christian Ministry out there, depending on your degree of commitment to his teaching. My take is that PoT is indeed a Christian Ministry and NOT a cult in the typical use of the word, but I believe I have shown very well the deep flaws in the leadership’s excessive judgmentalism and that I have confirmed the premier complaint from those who have left (or ‘escaped’ if you are in that frame of mind) – hypocrisy. While many have shared their experiences with me over the time I have been researching these guys, one thing that has been missing to date is a mature take from an ex-insider. Here it is. I believe that it shows the most accurate picture of the dynamics at work for those who have engaged and then left. Fortunately, in keeping with the writer’s maturity, he has allowed me to republish his words. I think the world should be grateful for this generosity. It’s long and quite thorough. Enjoy. [Read more…]

Paul Cohen – After the Path of Truth

In May 2017, Victor Hafichuk (who established and runs the Path of Truth online Ministries website and community) gave his long-term 2IC, Paul Cohen the boot/chop. In this post I analyse the position that Paul will be in having serious egg on face and essentially needing to rebuild his reputation. It’s a common position that fallen spiritual leaders find themselves in and while I have to guess at some of the specifics in Paul’s case, the principles are clear and important. [Read more…]

Handling the Path of Truth

In this post I deal with the [for most people ‘usually’] intensely painful process of dealing with departure from Victor Hafichuk’s Path of Truth. It follows from a call for help from someone clearly hurting as a result of engaging with this Christian Ministry/Cult. I discuss the different challenges that those who have been involved in some way face. Engaging can be as simple as a few emails that turn nasty to full-on commitment, through to a marriage bust-up and then live in – then a rude wakeup when hypocrisy is revealed and the sun stops shining out certain peoples’ behinds! The affects can be devastating and my aim here is to help people in pain get a good grip of reality – basically understanding what is happening to them when they pull out of adhering to the Path of Truth Ministries. [Read more…]

Analysing A Path of Truth Detractor

In this post I dissect the words of a Path of Truth detractor showing how faulty logic and passion (emotion) combine in a toxic mix. From this I hope to show others now not to fall into the same trap. Victor Hafichuk will no doubt appreciate that I am ‘on his side’ with this post, but that is not the case . . . I seek only the truth. This is an important post for truth-seekers, especially those who have got tangled up with Path of Truth Ministries in any way. [Read more…]

Victor Hafichuk – The Other Side

the-path-of-truthThis post extends and develops my analysis of Victor Hafichuk’s Path of Truth Ministry, which has in the last year become one of my most viewed pages. Commenters have universally ‘pinged’ him for running a cult. This despite my constant cautioning that I believe PoT to be a genuine Christian Ministry despite their caustic and divisive conduct and what I have called their serious flaws of excessive judgmentalism. It is written in the hope of bringing balance and reason into what is clearly a serious and ongoing situation for many. [Read more…]

Path of Truth IS a cult

Analysing a commenter’s strong claim that Victor Hafichuk’s Path of Truth Ministries “is a cult”, I show how the failures of logic mixed in with the conduct of PoT adherents do indeed indicate a cult-like following not suppressed by the leader. I assess the evidence from conduct and thought processes and conclude that (totally independent of any theological issue) that PoT does demonstrate cult-like tendencies and is undoubtedly a cult – but a Christian cult. [Read more…]

Path of Truth – Logical Fallacies


Adherents to The Path of Truth ascribe perfection to their leader. I question this infallibility based on an unwillingness to seek truth outside their pet topics and a strong and illogical excessively judgmental approach to human interaction. Victor Hafichuk errs as the Christian message balances truth and love in equal measure

A Path of Truth adherent continues correspondence and shows the true nature of the ministry; in particular an inability to handle logic; an unshakeable belief that their leaders are perfected i.e. infallible, and their polarising propensity for ad hominem attacks. It’s an interesting read for those wanting to dig deeper into the Victor Hafichuk’s, Path of Truth. [Read more…]

“Path of Truth Cult” – Vanity Search

In this post, I share a communication from a Path of Truth insider who identifies [probably] himself as Manny who searched for the phrase “path of truth cult” and landed on my analysis. There are two parts to this post, the first a simple professional email exchange, and the second the detailed back-and-forth comments primarily relating to Manny’s concern at my arrogance and errors. I’ve invested a substantial amount of time into the interchange, enjoyed it and trust that it helps people understand a little more about Path of Truth, myself, and hopefully a little more of the good things of life! SHOCK WARNING: Excessive testosterone ahead!

[Read more…]

More from Victor Hafichuk

the-truth-or-elseIn this post I share more from Victor Hafichuk’s Path of Truth Ministries in particular an email response to a guy who challenged both of us. I give a copy of my own reply and then share Victor’s response making comments. [Read more…]