Observations on Samoa Observer

samoa-observer-stolenIn previous posts I have pinged the Samoa Observer for ‘lacking a little’ in the ethics department, though they’re certainly not short of bleating about others’ misconduct! In this post I dig a little bit deeper and give an example of the type of shonky deals that the Samoa Observer gets up to. As always with BS like this the buck stops with the guy at the top, in this case not only the Editor-in-Chief Savea Sano Malifa, but I believe, the Editor too, Mata’afa Keni Lesa. [Read more…]

Peter Vandever, Plagiarist, The Evidence

peter-vandever-thief13In previous posts I have taken up the cause of victims of Peter Vandever’s photography theft. I’ve shown deliberate theft, passing off, callous disregard for others and all done for personal profit. I’ve highlighted his different ways of viewing the world and shown example after example from multiple websites and Social Media, varying methods of theft and degrees of deception.

In this post I provide the actual evidence by way of an entire copy of his commercial photography and website development business Jabez Prints taken today 27 March 2015. It shows the extent of his illegal activities. [Read more…]

Peter Vandever, Unravelling a Mass Plagiarist

PETER VANDEVER ~ Unrepentant mass plagiarist

PETER VANDEVER ~ Unrepentant mass plagiarist

In previous posts I have ‘outed’ Peter Vandever as an active, unrepentant photography plagiarist, stealing fellow photographers’ work and passing them off as his own for attempted financial reward. In this post I delve deeper into Peter’s archives and show evidence of mass plagiarism going back quite some time. I conclude with my thoughts on Cognitive Dissonance, and how it applies to Peter and what victims should do when confronting the thief. Let’s get started.

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Peter Vandever, Outing the Plagiarist

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Conman Peter Vandever
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In previous posts I’ve raised concerns about conman Peter Vandever, initially speaking of The other side of Peter Vandever. Essentially I stated that I believe that things were not quite right with his stories & conduct and that there was another hidden darker side to the man. In a recent post I exposed him as an unrepentant and devious thief. In this post I continue sharing more examples of his blatant plagiarism within Facebook and his personal website. It’s a sad never-ending story. [Read more…]