Getting it Right – A Professional Email

povertycure-tickIt’s rare that I get something across my desk that ticks all the boxes for an experienced opinionated critic of human nature, marketing, IT, culture, faith and more (Yes an ego here I know . . .but!) A recent communication from PovertyCure however did just this. In this post I show their professionalism, commenting on what I think they did RIGHT and why I think this. I copy in here the questions they asked in their online survey and give you my responses, for others may also appreciate the ‘words of wisdom’ I shared with them. Enjoy! [Read more…]

The Poverty Mentality

Palagi Perspectives

Palagi visiting Samoa for the first time can be quite shocked with the relative poverty they see. The flip-side of this is that Samoans can view Palagi as a source of income. I’m frequently told, “Oh, many Samoans just see a Palagi’s wallet”.

I can empathise with both views. I definitely know what it’s like to view a Palagi as a welcome source of income when I have very little cash in my own pocket! I can also identify with the shock factor for the Palagi seeing rural Samoa for the first time. Such a different lifestyle with low-cost housing, cooking on fire, limited job opportunities and subsistence lifestyles is definitely an eye-opener. [Read more…]

The world is broken

Christian Apologetic and preacher Ravi Zacharias puts it so eloquently (not!) when he says, “[The] World is … broken“. It is Sunday again in Samoa and this is how the QUOTE broken UNQUOTE world looks from within Paradise. [Read more…]

Mistrust Breeds Poverty

It is well recognized that poverty breeds mistrust (as well as a host of other nasties like conflict). The opposite however is also true, especially considering that poverty is primarily a mindset. Mistrust is rampant in Samoa. In this “Sermon from Samoa” I share examples from around me in Samoa of how mistrust breeds poverty. [Read more…]