All About Principles

Smart guy, American philosopher, essayist, poet & lecturer, Ralph Waldo Emerson had something important to say about principles: [Read more…]

14. Walk the land

The fourteenth and last principle I mention here, is one that I have applied in Samoa from the start. For some reason I really love and understand the idea of Walking the Land as much as any other principle! It applies to both physical land and conceptual territory. [Read more…]

13. Do The Right Thing

A phrase I used a lot in Fusi Safata in 2009 was “Do the right thing, work hard and have faith!”. It embodied the essence of the Christian walk in a way that the villagers could hear, understand and apply. These three are biblical principles and our thirteenth in a series. [Read more…]

12. We should empower others

The principle of empowering others comes straight from the Bible. It’s our twelfth in a series. This is the idea that we should be mentoring, teaching, and helping others to achieve their aims and aspirations in life, and that by doing this, our own needs will be met and the job will get done. [Read more…]

11. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Legs eleven. Our eleventh principle is to work smarter, not harder. We want to engage brain before our brawn. It’s sometimes hard to do, but the rewards are much greater. [Read more…]

10. A biblical value-base

It’s Sunday in Samoa, so God gets a good look-in today. The SWAP Foundation is founded upon the biblical value system. Christianity is not required of our partners or team members but respecting the values contained within the Judeo-Christian value system is a prerequisite for working with us. This tenth principle is the one to Honour the Lord. [Read more…]

9. Everyone loves a winner

Don’t you just love a winner? Be honest now, we all do! Getting behind a top performer is motivating and invigorating. Even leaders love engaging with and learning from other leaders. This understanding is our ninth principle
in a series. [Read more…]

8. Financial Equivalence

A question now . . . who is worth more? An unemployed rural Samoan who works for a day on his plantation and feeds his family (maybe only just) OR someone like my lawyer who works for a day and feeds his family with the best food money can buy PLUS makes so much extra money that he can easily buy a new TV every day of his life? (272x more money per hour than an employed Samoan worker to be precise)? Your answer please? [Read more…]

7. Cross Cultural Partnership

The seventh principle we use over here is a concept that sounds easy but is a real challenge – we require a cross-cultural partnership. So what’s the catch? Well, it’s just darned hard to do! [Read more…]

6. Giver’s Gain

The Good Book says that “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. This biblical principle is the sixth in a series explaining the values that we are using in our work in Samoa. [Read more…]