How to “Hold Qoin Accountable”

hands-upFollowing a recent communication from a disillusioned Symbid investor via my Tipline, I give here advice on how to achieve his objective . . . to hold the conmen accountable. Natural justice should be free for all, but in practice it always costs. For me it is my massive investment of time (and money) into researching a con such as Tradeqoin/Qoin. For others (like this guy who has been ripped off) it may cost as well. As Dietrich Bonheieffer quipped, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil”. Here I give the background to the Qoin Con, and pick out the key issues that those seeking justice should be aware of and give advice. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Qoin & Digital Ownerships this post I share another example of the sloppy work by Qoin’s conmen attempting to protect their ill-gotten gains from the Qoin con and its bankruptcy. I do this in realtime so that the world can see how these shysters have no qualms about lies and deceit. Remember as you read that there are hundreds of thousands of Euros owing to Qoin’s creditors, many people who believed in the Qoin concept and gave their all to help these two conmen. Remember also that both conmen have nice houses as a result of their misconduct, and that I have previously exposed a string of deceptions, lies, frauds including white collar crime of trading while insolvent. Enjoy this one too if you can . . .  [Read more…]

PosiToos in the Poo – AGAIN!

6afe25ab0d664d866b05af0c99e24613PosiToos, a Dutch Community Currency is again in the news for all the wrong reasons – it is owned by bankrupted entity Qoin with attempts to conceal this from the Curator (Liquidator) by Qoin’s shonky Directors. In this post I detail some of the myriad entities relating to PosiToos, conduct designed to deceive; pretending to be big shots and a success story when in fact the barrel is empty! [Read more…]

Qoin’s Crimes Listed

I list here the crimes associated with Qoin, Tradeqoin and their Directors Rob van Hilten and Edgar Kampers. This can be used as a checklist and a start by criminal investigators as well as the Qoin Curator (Liquidator) as I explain the cover-ups and deceptions employed to try and protect the pilfered assets. [Read more…]

IRTA’s Defence Undermined by FACTS

I share in this post, a damning response to IRTA’s response to a challenge from a longterm IRTA critic and industry player, Jacob Musschenga. I hold the bulk of my commentary for a separate post. Enjoy … [Read more…]

Qoin Spins Down & Down

IRTA and Qoin are spinning the Qoin bankruptcy. Here’s the latest BS from this corrupt cartel and my commentary. Enjoy the way these crooks are squirming in the light of truth. All of course revealed on this blog in realtime. [Read more…]

Qoin’s Trading While Insolvent

Qoin’s Directors have knowingly traded while insolvent for years. Not only is this a crime it also exposes every action and decision they make from the point at which they knew they were insolvent to both criminal AND commercial clawback. Qoin’s observers, Creditors AND the Qoin Curator will be stunned beyond belief with the facts I reveal in this post, for I now share THE smoking gun proof of long-term deliberate, conscious fraud on the part of Rob van Hilten and Edgar Kampers. This information has never been shared publicly before. The conmen don’t know that I know it. None of the Creditors know or knew it and neither have the criminal investigators known it until now. I and others have warned IRTA to no avail and many of Qoin’s supporters and admirers have refused to accept this. Today is a watershed moment in the history of Qoin and their conmen, for now they too will know that truly, the game is up and that they must surely be facing staring at concrete concrete walls in orange suits. [Read more…]

Qoin’s Bankruptcy – Liquidator Report

qoin-bankrupt-reportIn this post I release the initial Curator’s (Liquidator) report into failed Complementary Currency ‘experts’ Qoin. This proves the extreme accuracy my blogging with these recently revealed official figures EXACTLY as I revealed them months ago. I also pass comment on the sheer stupidity of the two conmen, accomplished liars now outed as men without a morsel of conscience and I predict their personal financial demise. This is also THE  post that IRTA’s Executive have dreaded coming, documentary proof that not only their Board Member Rob van Hilten’s business is (and has always been) a fraud (and that they have been actively covering for these shysters) but that indeed my blogging has INCREDIBLE credibility, contrary to their formal claims otherwise. [Read more…]

Qoin as a Source of Ridicule

whackmeMy job is done with Qoin. A Con. Exposed. Bankrupted. And when the Curator (Liquidator/Receiver) is done, it will be up to the authorities to take up the feeds from all of the various sources and lock the conmen up. But in today’s post I wish to share how the Qoin Con is a never-ending font of hilarity for me, as the two con-artists stick their head up yet again from their burrows and effectively say, “Whack me! Over here! Here I am! Please whack me!” Let me explain . . .  [Read more…]

Qoin’s Bankruptcy Unravelled

qoin-is-goneIn this post I explain how the conmen at failed Community Currency experts Qoin have structured their affairs; how the recent bankruptcy hits at the heart of their dodgy string of entities; how they have attempted [and as at of this week still attempt] to save the assets of Qoin from the Curator’s grasp, illegal acts in The Netherlands, but typical of all losers out to defraud for personal gain. [Read more…]