Denied The Opportunity . . .

In this Sermon from Samoa I explain the greatest loss that one has with a broken relationship, which is that we are denied the opportunity to love (to give) and I explain how this loss broke God’s heart at the Fall in the Garden of Eden. I also apply it personally, sharing examples and advice from my own life experiences in my relationships. [Read more…]

2. Vision > relationships > money

In this Sermon from Samoa I share another principle that we have been applying to the SWAP Foundation‘s work. Coming from a Christian perspective, I challenge the Western mindset that giving primarily entails giving money and that more money means more success. God is all about relationships and faith – not programs and success. [Read more…]

Samoa gets it right

It’s Sunday in Samoa. I know because I awake coughing from a mist of Umu smoke, and church bells from East and West letting me know it’s time to get along for my weekly monetary collection session compulsory spiritual guidance session. In this Sermon from Samoa I talk about how Samoa has got it right – not with the church thing but with it’s focus on relationships, even if I do think they take it a little too far. [Read more…]

Pressure to pick winners

As an entrepreneur in a foreign country it’s even more important than ever to pick a winner. There is no backstop. Mother is a long way away and the bank manager doesn’t yet know me. Again it comes down to picking the right people. Who you know and not what you know. [Read more…]