Samoan Sense of Entitlement Explained

Samoan ‘Palagi’ House – generally funded from family offshore

In this post I respond to an American who is struggling with the Samoan Sense of Entitlement whereby her Samoan husband of 29 years is caught out by having to cough up cash for his parents back home. It’s a vital subject touching on cross-cultural differences; human greed, misunderstanding and God things. As always, I write from a Christian perspective, God things. Enjoy. [Read more…]

Why Is This Country So Poor?

samoa-flagIn a recent communique from Simon Black (Sovereign Man), he addresses this question from his American perspective and using his extensive travel experience (120) nations. I take a feed from his comments and apply them to Samoa, addressing some of the curly ones about why Samoa struggles so much in the economic world. [Read more…]

Corruption in SAMOA

Corruption in Samoa - eBook

Corruption in Samoa – eBook & website launching Midday 1st June 2015

After five years living, working and playing in Samoa, I think I’ve got it pretty much worked out! It’s a nation with endemic self-interest, greed, lies and a unique way of dealing with power. In the West we call it corruption. In Samoa it’s called “just the way things are”. Today I announce the launch of a new website Corruption in with a description of what I am doing and why. Pigeons might be a little wary of the cat from here-on-in. [Read more…]

A different Jesus

Blood-drawn whelts on the back of a six year old Samoan girl disciplined by her 'god-fearing' father

Blood-drawn welts on the back of a six year old Samoan girl disciplined by her ‘god-fearing’ father

Samoa is a very physical country. Passions run strong and discipline methods are pretty crude and brutal. It makes for a sobering experience for Jesus lovers who come from a less violent culture and society. This Sermon comes to you with a mixture of sadness and love from Samoa. [Read more…]

Love is not the Antidote to Pride

samoa-observer-editorialIn this Sermon from Samoa, I quote a Samoa Observer Editorial in full (that is in essence a sermon in itself). I expand on the writer’s exhortation to share love, interspersing my comments to show that love is not the antidote to pride, applying this teaching specifically to the Samoan context.

Enjoy! [Read more…]

Building Credibility in Samoa 3

dennis-blogger-detectiveIn this third in a series on Credibility I share a couple of my experiences developing credibility in Paradise – not an easy task for a Palagi (white-man)!

Enjoy. [Read more…]

Exposing Samoa

The game of exposure, especially from outside of the mainstream media, is one of the paradigm shifts in business, politics and marketing since the arrival of the Internet. Samoa (as well as any brand or business) needs to understand this change, and to develop systems that generate the required exposure. [Read more…]

The Samoan Way

In relocating into a foreign culture there is an enormous pressure to conform and become like those around you. This challenge, how much and when to adopt the local ways or to retain other values (that will certainly cause a degree of social ostracism) is easily solved by using the Scriptures as a reference point. [Read more…]

Marketing Samoa

In October 2009, I wrote a discussion document on the way to market Samoa post-Tsunami. It was to have been presented at a tourism event but my supporting speaker got bumped, and therefore so did I. In essence, I suggested that Samoa had only three messages it could market – one defensive, one neutral and one extraordinarily positive. [Read more…]

Tsunami Impact

It’s a gross understatement to say that the 29 September 2009 Tsunami in Samoa had a big impact. Having taken many guests through the affected areas, the universal response is one of awe. The Tsunami was a tragedy. [Read more…]