The Two Million Tala Palagi

cover-600-ttmtpIn this post I announce the publication of my latest book (I think that makes it twelve in various stages of release). It’s a book that exposes misconduct from the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Samoa’s leading newspaper. The book contains a copy of all communications, blogs and legal documents including a $2m defamation case against me. This book is the journalistic equivalent to a single figure salute to a man whom I have shown to be not only fooled by gossip, but also his company to be a routine thief and recently proven a liar acting in malice, self-interest and total disregard for Christian ethics that his proud Samoan culture claims for itself. Enjoy now as I share the background to its publication and more . . .  [Read more…]

MEDIA RELEASE: Samoa Observer Sues: $2m

MEDIA RELEASE: Samoa Observer sues Blogger for $2m

DATE ISSUED: 7 October 2015


MEDIA CONTACT: Dennis A. Smith
+685 777-9999

Documents filed in the Supreme Court of Samoa, reveal that Samoa Observer, Samoa’s largest independent newspaper is suing Investigative Blogger, Dennis A. Smith for $2m (WST) and legal costs.

Claiming defamation, the Statement of Defence and Counterclaim states that the Blogger “has defamed [them] and Mr Malifa” and “has caused much embarrassment, distress and inconvenience”. As a result of the claimed defamation Samoa Observer is asking the court to award $1.5m (WST) in compensation and “exemplary and punitive damages in the sum of SAT$500,000”. [Read more…]

Suing Samoa Observer

samoaobserver-gunsightsThis post is one in a series about the shady conduct of Samoa Observer. I step forward with an offer of practical help to anyone who has been ripped off (past events or in the future). I’ll help you sue them. Not only will I do that – I’ll do it for no commercial benefit for myself. And the reason? I’m so p*ssed off at the shame that they’ve brought to the industry I work in and the country I live in that I want to do any and everything I can to rectify the matters. [Read more…]

Observations on Samoa Observer

samoa-observer-stolenIn previous posts I have pinged the Samoa Observer for ‘lacking a little’ in the ethics department, though they’re certainly not short of bleating about others’ misconduct! In this post I dig a little bit deeper and give an example of the type of shonky deals that the Samoa Observer gets up to. As always with BS like this the buck stops with the guy at the top, in this case not only the Editor-in-Chief Savea Sano Malifa, but I believe, the Editor too, Mata’afa Keni Lesa. [Read more…]

Open Letter – Samoa Observer

samoa-observer-judgeIn a recent court hearing in Samoa, the ‘local rag’ Samoa Observer has Counterclaimed $2m offering a ‘dodgy’ defence document containing outright lies and more. This concludes (for the moment) a sorry saga in the history of Samoan journalism. I first blogged about this in 2013 when I effectively called the owner and Editor-in-Chief, Savea Sano Malifa, a fool. He has now proved himself to be an unethical businessman (in simple words, a crook) and thus by extension his newspaper two-faced hypocrites. While this operation is high profile and pontificates extensively over moral issues, they are actually a danger to the Samoan business community. Others who have likewise been ripped off should take a good look at this development and seriously consider commencing their own litigation, for exposure and court cases seems to have their attention. And yes, there are certainly more than me who have been stung by these people!

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Blogger Sues Samoa Observer

This post contains the court documents used when I sued Samoa Observer. It contains the Statement of Claim, an update Statement of Claim, and my entire (30 page) Affidavit containing all the evidence, right down to the emails themselves. Enjoy. [Read more…]

Samoa Observer’s Dodgy Defence

Samoa Observer claims in court documents that they published only three of my articles. Here's just a few snapped at teh library this afternoon - there's more too. Oops!

Samoa Observer claims in court documents that they published only three of my articles. Here are just a few snapped at the library archives this afternoon – there’s more too. Oopsie . . . who’s lying here Samoa Observer? And you want, HOW many million for defamation? [cough, cough]

In a previous post I shared the entire Defence and Counterclaim of Samoa Observer, their response to my suing them for $3,500.00 owing to me. I summarised their defence and counterclaim and explained that there were misrepresentations of fact and that I would prove this by cold logic and evidence. In this post I analyse their court document in detail, providing evidence of their deceit and giving commentary on their less-than-ethical attitude and approach to a simple commercial contract they failed to honour. [Read more…]

Samoa Observer Sues Blogger for $2m

blogger-samoaobserverToday in the Samoa District Court I received details of Samoa Observer’s defence and counter-claim to my court case where I sued them for $3,500.00. In their documents reproduced in full here, Samoa Observer denies ALL my claims and in turn is suing me for $2,000,000.00 – defamation, oh, and don’t forget $40,000.00 legal expenses! In this post I analyse their defence and counter-claim showing that my original post was dead on the nail . . . the owner of this local rag Savea Sano Malifa not only lacks humility and, integrity but now it seems, common sense. My first claim of foolishness on his part was an understatement. Enjoy as the truth comes out  . . . [Read more…]

Savea Sano Malifa – Fooled by gossip

Savea Sano Malifa

Savea Sano Malifa

Savea Sano Malifa, founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Samoa Observer recently supplied me with a perfect example of the mindset and conduct of a Samoan who lives (and in Savea’s case works) in the world of gossip.

What is unusual for me is that this example is remarkably clear and in writing, from an influential Samoan leader. Apart from the many witnesses who have spoken to me and emails proving professional misconduct of a government department CEO,  it is actually the first time that I have documentary proof for others to see of the mostly hidden workings of the Samoan gossip machine.

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