The Tealiki Story – 7. The Significance

In this the seventh and final post of this series, I share the significance that I see in the Tealiki land case being heard at appeal in 2018. It needs to be seen in context, the Prime Minister coming under increasing pressure from the accusations on social media, a global trend of Samoan dissatisfaction with the corruption in their motherland, the rise of Social Media and the Internet, a global trend based on Agenda 21 agreement to deny indigenous land-holders customary rights and a huge financial squeeze on the way. Put this into spiritual terms and you have a “Time of Distress”. I consider this an important post. [Read more…]

The Tealiki Story – 6. Misc. Topics

In this sixth in a series on the Tealiki land case I share pieces of information not covered elsewhere and give my usual commentary as I go. Enjoy. [Read more…]

The Tealiki Story – 5. Appeal

In this fifth of a series exploring the Tealiki Court case, I discuss the appeal scheduled for Q1, 2018. I will update this post following the appeal whenever it occurs. Clearly speculation is in order for the moment. Enjoy. [Read more…]

The Tealiki Story – 4. Court & Judgment

I share here in the fourth of a series, the court case and judgment of Nelson J, heard in Samoa 2016, and delivered in 2017 relating to the Tealiki land theft.  [Read more…]

The Tealiki Story – 3. The Claim

In this the third post in The Tealiki Story series I share the Statement of Claim lodged in Samoa Supreme Court – the core of this case. I give commentary by way of explanation for those not familiar with court processes or Samoan land issues. [Read more…]

The Tealiki Story – 2. Summary

1This is the second in a series of posts giving my take on the Tealiki Land Theft case in Samoa. I summarise the case briefly. [Read more…]

The Tealiki Story – 1. Introduction

This is the first post in a series that covers the Tealiki Land case in Samoa. It first came to the public’s awareness in 2016 when a court hearing occurred in Samoa. The late Gafatasi Mika Fuimaono from Falefa had a claim heard in the Samoan courts in which he claimed to be one of the rightful descendants of the late Tealiki (Apai). The court disagreed with him saying that he had proved his genealogy to “A” Tealiki, but not “THE” Tealiki. This series shares my findings having been asked by the family and their supporters for help in getting their story out. I try to steer a straight course through conflicting evidence, politics, personalities and cultural minefields. My verdict is that there are two sides to every story and that no one is ever fully ‘clean’ but that an injustice has definitely occurred here. [Read more…]